New pumps, anyone heard about them?

I’ve just heard about the OmniPod, Solo and Jewel pumps and I got so excited about them, but it seems too new, too modern I can’t imagine these pumps are really working :slight_smile:

Is there anyone who uses one of these pumps or has seen one or tried one?

Hi - The Omnipod has been out now for a number of years. I thought it was great - until insurance would not pay for the pods, as I had hit my $2500 DME max. I am on MDI now and glad of it as my skin is getting a chance to rest. I had started having skin issues years ago on other pumps because of the adhesive in the sets.

The solo and Jewel are not out yet. Roche now has the solo and I think they are gearing up for a release (within the year - who knows).

Check out the omnipod. Go to the website and request a free sample pod. Remember that a smaller pod is on the horizon. The PDM - personal diabetes manager - is very easy to use and follow - easy on the eyes too. It is a great system.

YES its very exciting what is coming hopefully this year! The Debiotech JewelPump is so small and was voted best gadget of 2011. You can even bolus from an android phone! Keep your fingers crossed!

Don’t forget Cell Novo . Omnipod is very close to what is ideal in tubeless pumping but it needs a lower failure rate. I agree the designs are so unique it is hard to assess how well they will work. I got demos of Omni and Solo and liked them.

I have been on the omnipod for almost a year. Best move I ever made. It is waterproof and there is no tubing to get tangled with. It is so easy to use and precise. You can bolus a small correction of like .25 units. I literally don’t feel it during the day and the insertion is automatic, you press a button and it inserts the needle/thread. It is an amazing product.

I have seen a girl at my diabetic camp have one and she said it works just the same as a regular insulin pump but it doesn’t use tubing. And the omni pod has been out for like3 or 4 years now. It’s not as new as u think it is

Psyched about the Jewel pump but don’t know when it will be relieased in U.S. Will come out in Europe first. Omni Pod, not at all interested; too many pod failures reported by users. Need something mega-reliable. Solo, very interested; was supposed to be released this year before Roche acquired it. Minimed tubeless pump looks much like Solo, not released yet. Would prefer MM tubeless as they integrate their pumps with cgms.

The Omnipod has been around for years. I don’t use it, but I’ve heard a lot of poor things about them (the pods failing, etc.) from many people. Other people love them.

I wouldn’t go on a pump for years because I had a thing about the tubing. Everyone I knew who had a pump loved it but I just couldn’t get myself to switch from MDI. Then I discovered the OmniPod and knew it was the one for me. I love it! Total freedom and much better control. I have had a few fail but it isn’t a big deal. If one fails remove it and replace it and you are good to go! Some people think they are too big but it doesn’t bother me, of course it is the only pump I have ever tried. Maybe some day I will meet someone to temporarily “swap” pumps for a while.

There has been tons of talk about the other tubeless pumps but until they actually come to market it is still all speculation. I don’t know where I would be with out my Pod (and Dex).

I’ve been using the Omnipod for about 1.5 years (switched from Minimed). I’ve had 4-5 failed pods (failure on priming, I never got them on me before they failed) and 1 or 2 occlusions. That is a much smaller failure rate than I had with my tubed-pump b/c I would get huge bubbles in the tubing without knowing it (I call that a failure b/c my BS skyrocketed due to no insulin from 2-inch long bubble). With the Omnipod, I guess it’s just luck of the draw or something. Others have had awful experiences with it, but I love it. So, so, so much.

Thank you for all the replies!
I know OmniPod is not knew, it is knew for me :slight_smile: I live in Hungary, we don’t have it here, or maybe it’s not common in Europe at all, I’m not sure.
So you say there is no bubble-trouble in the OmniPod?
I think too that the new coming Jewel and Solo will have less failures and they are also smaller than the OmniPod, I’m just thinking if these gadgets are really capable of working precisely as an insulin pump? So small, so unbeliveable…
And what kind of failures are you writing about who say that some people have serious failures with the OmniPod?

I started on the Omnipod (after using the Medtronic for years)in August thinking my insurance was going to cover the cost (Aetna) . Just got a notice that they will not - I am a T1. I have a bill for almost $3000 for 3 months of frustration. I had 1/3 of the pumps fail. They were nice in replacing the pods but it means you have to carry insulin around and I have lost a lot of insulin to pods (lost when they fail). I need something more reliable. I wish it was great because cutting the "tube" IS great. I have waited and waited on the Jewel Pump, which looks fantastic by comparison to the Omnipod. Better insulin delivery, holds more, longer life, etc. Here is something that was posted in Feb 2013, on MedInsider web site:

"The JewelPUMP is smaller, thinner and lighter than currently available insulin pumps, while incorporating double the amount of insulin (5mL), and is a nearly invisibly skin patch which can be worn for a 7-day treatment. It is directly controlled by the patient from a dedicated cell-phone remote control device, which also serves as a telephone and a BGM (Blood Glucose Meter) on a secured Androïd platform"

Sign me up!

hi molli
i live in switzerland and we have the omnipod here. so it is common in europe, not sure about hungary though. pod failures are quite common, i was trying out the pod for one month and the failures were one of the reason i came back to my minimed i had been using for 8 years prior.
i had an occasion where i was at lunch and all of the sudden the pod started beeping like crazy and shut down. i was pretty frustrated as i had no replacement (i have learned that lesson) the pod was only 28 hrs old and there was still a lot of insulin in it- all wasted. it doesnt happen everytime, but i have heard anything from montly to 3 times a year. insulet replaces the pods if they have failures, but its still frustrating. another point i didnt like bout the pod was its HUGE PDM, it was just too big for me. hoping a better system is coming out soon.

Agree about the big PDM. I'd love a reliable tubeless pump with a smaller remote but the future Solo and Jewel also feature larger remotes with integrated bg meters. The large Jewel remote would be an okay trade-off if it can be a cell phone.