New Smaller Omnipod Wanted!

I just switched from a Minimed Paradigm over to Omnipod about two weeks ago. I'm still trying to determine if it's a good fit for me. My Minimed paradigm worked great and I used it for over two years. I even used the CGM on it for a short time before determining that it wasn't accurately predicting my blood glucose most of the time. It became very frustrating and although it worked well in predicting daily trends, it almost never accurately predicted my blood sugar at a single point in time... even within about 50 mg/dl or so. So, I scrapped it as it didn't seem to provide me any real value other than helping me to determine my initial Basal Rates when I first started using the pump. It was also a pain to always be thinking ahead of a good and stable time of day wherein I'd have to take an accurate blood glucose test that is required to keep the CGM working on the pump.

When I switched over to Omnipod a couple weeks ago, the big advantage I was looking for was simply to be tube free. I always struggled being comfortable when I would sleep and having to always pin the clip on the pump to the perfect part of my shorts when I slept. I excercise quite a bit and have worked the pod loose now on several occasions. Not only am I going through alot of pods, however after just filling a couple of them with insulin... that all gets tossed out with the pods as well when they have become detached. The pods aren't exactly comfortable when rolling over onto them when I'm sleeping either. I would only put this as "slightly" better than rolling over my Paradigm.

I'm REALLY looking forward to the new smaller pods that Omnipod has been trying to get pushed through the FDA for over a year now. I know they're already available in Europe. What I would really like to know is if anybody (overseas) has a used pod that they wouldn't mind mailing to me... This would help me determine whether or not the Omnipod is truly going to work for me long term and will be light enough to not pull off so easily. Anybody have an idea on how to get a used "smaller" version of the Omnipod?

I don't know about getting ahold of the smaller one, but I have a question since you said its coming off when you exercise. Are you putting anything on your skin before putting on the omnipod? If not, try skintac. I use it and it usually takes a good pull to get it off when its expired, never comes off during exercise, even in the pool. Just make sure to let it dry first (I wait a few minutes after putting it on before I even fill the pod to make sure its all dry and stand in front of the fan if its on).

If you had a trainer from omnipod set you up, they might be able to get you some to try. You can order samples from the manufacturer ( ) but if you can get one or two wipes to try from your trainer it'll probably be faster than waiting on the manufacturer.

Thanks for the advice. Actually just since posting this I got my first box of SkinTac in the mail. It was in fact recommended by my trainer. So far, so good. I am also putting MeFix on it during exercise which helps a lot when I am doing something that has a lot of jumping or running. The jiggling of the pod sometimes drives me nuts. I am still playing around with placement as I am really struggling to find some comfortable places where it’s not in my way. Definitely a big switch from Medtronic. A lot of pluses and minuses with the pod as well as the software.