New pods here! uh oh!

omg its here! new pdm and smaller pods delivered today.shes at school. cant wait 4 my daughter 2 get home! gotta be honest though, i thought it would be alot smaller.
omg, just called insulet 2 ask a question. they wanna know how we got the new product.they said existing customers should be the last 2 get them. they said outside vendors shouldnt even have them yet. anyone wanna explain???

Are you a new customer?

Did you receive the letter letting you know they were coming? I called last week and they said they would be notifying us when it was time and we have received nothing??

no daughters been on 1st gen for 4 yrs. so i called insulet 3 wks ago and discovered our warranty was up. they told me to call edgepark med supplies. thats where our pods come from. called edgepark and they called our insurance which is bcbs of MD. and omg their here!

called insulet. our warranty was up. we get our supplies from edgepark med supply. insulet told me to call med supply. and their here!!

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Yeah I have been an existing customer for 5 1/2 years and was out of warranty so they sent me the replacement "old" PDM in January so I would be eligible to get the free upgrade. I just called them to tell them I am on my last box and asked if I could get the new ones sent. I was told that they are not available yet, and hopefully will be in the next month or two. Someone else on another board uses Edgepark and she was out of warranty and got the new ones too. So I guess you and she should consider yourselves lucky, because the rest of us are SOL.

It seems apparent that the reason new pods are not being shipped is because the inventory of gen 1 pods have not reached the target level. It's understandable that Insulet would want to sell off inventory vs. discarding it, but I wish they would be more honest about what that time line looks like.

Any insiders out there want to share the REAL timetable?

I talked to edgepark and insulet today and existing users are being pushed back to May 1 now, and last month I was told April 1st. I am so mad. I wonder if you guys got them due to being out of warranty, cause that is the first question they asked was whether we were still in warranty period. Anyway how do you guys like the new PDM and the pods?

We have been out of warranty for two years and we don't even have an estimated date for delivery.

Pictures of the new PDM and pods? Thanks!

Lol, Lorraine it seems there is no rhyme or reason to this. Maybe its just who you talk to that day and they can release them,but I do find it frustrating. Also btw I am the lady you recently responded about your Honeymoon schmoneymoon who was struggling. Thanks so much for your blog!


I have been on the system for over four years and was out of warranty. It was painless to upgrade to the new system for me. The photo of the new pod is a little misleading because it has the adhesive and the cannula protector still on it. It is a much smaller unit when you see them side by side in person.

I am going to put it on this afternoon. People do not appreciate how exciting this is for me until I explain it to them: Imagine you slept on a rock every night and then one day I could make the rock 40% smaller how would you feel? All of a sudden they get it.

Hopefully, it will be available to all customers soon.

Enjoy the pics

1900-pdm.JPG (771 KB) 1901-pod.JPG (100 KB)