Diabetes -- It's all in your head!

So here’s some food for thought: People could unconsciously control their blood sugar levels based on their sense of how much time had passed, this study claims:

In time warping study, people unconsciously controlled blood sugar levels

If only fixing diabetes was as easy as assuming more time had passed than not. And I’m very skeptical of these researchers’ ability to replicate their findings, but I could imagine this being a useful trick when you’re high and hoping to come down before lunch, etc.

Still, it’s interesting given that other research recently showed that (in mice, who have been cured of the big D probably dozens of times), researchers could eliminate D by tweaking a protein that acts in the brain:

Well, full disclosure: I haven’t read the study, yet. But someone’s gonna have to explaln to me how tweaking a protein in the brain is going to bring destroyed beta cells back to life.


Yeah, I think this is mainly relevant for people who suffer from insulin resistance with minimal beta cell loss, not those with highly impaired beta cell function. If it’s relevant for humans at all…I’m sure we can cure hordes of mice of the scourge of rodent diabetes with this technique, though.

That’s the thing about animal experimentation; it may or may not have any relevance to humans. Mice, for instance, process carbs differently than humans do. Thus, things that work for one often don’t for the other.

Probably the most famous case is saccharine. When rats were fed huge doses of it, they developed cancer. But (a) no one would ever eat that much, and (b) most importantly, rat physiology has a different pH than humans, which permitted it to happen.