New pump coming to Canada!

I just learned the Ypsopump, Ypsomed Diabetes will come to Canada in 2018! Smallest and icon based, already huge in Europe and will be perfect for kids due to size and ease of use. Cannot wait!

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The question is will it survive the pump market? Animas by Johnson and Johnson, A huge company was not able to survive the pump market. It’s a pain to keep switching.

Animas got out because they couldnt achieve the level of profit they were greedy about. In Canada, they were dominating the pediatric space over Medtronic. Ypsomed is a company that has been around for 30+ years. They made the Disetronic pump before and the new pump is doing great in the EU. They will not only survive in Canada they will do great!


Interesting. I think it is great that Canada will have more options for pumps. Thanks for sharing this!

Welcome and no problem! I too want more of a choice than the 630g and smaller! That Ypsopump is highly recommended by a doctor I know in England. So we will wait until it is available here.

Another reason to visit Canada! {{{LOL}}}

@Ben16 Thank you for letting us know that Animas was “dominating the pediatric space over Medtronic” in Canada. I am in the US, but I was also simply under the impression that they could not keep up with the tech anymore.

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Animas in Canada as I have learned, was doing very well. J&J have a strict business policy for all areas they operate in, including diabetes. They had a good product and frankly if they had stayed around here…that is the pump we were going to get! Now we will wait for the Ypsomed pump.

Medtronic has a good device but frankly is way too much tech for peds. Kids need a good, reliable and safe device that is easy to learn and use. A small device with icons is exactly what we were hoping for and it seems from friends in Europe, the Swiss engineered Ypsopump is delivering! The only problem for is now is the waiting for it to be available in Canada. We were told maybe by October. This parent of a T1 is eagerly waiting.

Hello Again Ben16!

I tried signing up with Medtronic twice! Both times left a “bad taste” in my mouth (as the phrase goes) and I would rather go back to pre-filled pens than have a Metronic Pump. My overall impression of Medtronic is that we are just numbers to them…if you want to talk about greed we can start there.

I am in the same boat as you in wishing that J&J kept Animas going. I really do like my Pump, but as a first time pump patient I have to confess that I should have taken better care of it. I have enough supplies to last for a very long time. However, my greatest concern is what to do if my Animas breaks down.

Thanks again for writing back and I will cross my fingers for you and your child in hopes that the waiting game goes by quickly!

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There are so many stories on the internet about the way Medtronic is pushing people around. I did not experience that because I never contacted them and won’t. In speaking with my friend last night from Europe, this is what I have learned about Ypsomed pump company. They really want to help and offer man solutions for pumpers like a free back up pump when you go on vacation. I can wait for a company that actually wants to help it’s customer.

Hi Ben,
I live in the UK and haven’t heard of anyone using the pump and looking at the spec on it I certainly wouldn’t want to use it.

That’s the idea of choice! There are since launch I am told, several thousand users already. Everyone has a choice, even you.

I made a separate post here:

about my experienecs with this pump for anyone interested :slight_smile: