New Pump

So I was on the Omnipod for a while. It was pretty good. But I found to forget to change a pod, add a pod, etc. I’d go 2-3 days without insulin (a type 2).

I returned to my roots about a month or two ago. Minimed called me at my parents’ house and asked if I wanted to upgrade for $10. Of course I said yes. With the CGM feature added, it was only a total of $150 to upgrade. So I’m on the new Minimed 723 Revel w/ CGM.

I still have my Omnipod and stuff. Actually have a large printer box full of pods. I’m going to keep it and alternate pod and Revel. Should be interesting.

Good luck with it! I’d like to hear your side-by-side evaluation. Just don’t forget which one you’re using at the time! And your doctor will have a heck of a time downloading all your data from the pumps… if he/she does that.

Will you still use the Medtronic CGM while pumping with the Omnipod?

I switch pumps quite a bit too Andy. I notice I need slightly different settings on one vs the other so be mindful of unexplained highs or lows when you switch back and forth.

$150 for a new pump and CGMS? Wow good deal.