OmniPod Insulin Pumping since October 2011

So back in October 2011, I did two trials on two different pumps. The first was a week and a half trial with the MiniMed Revel with CGM and the second was a week with an OmniPod insulin. Both gave me great control, but the CGM had a huge difference between my real blood sugar and what it was showing and issues with my baby son (who's now almost 6 months) and the tubing. I really haven't found many issues with the OmniPod because if I have an error on my pod I just call the company and they send me a replacement pod at the beginning of the month. Supplies are also easy for me to get as well and are not too expensive on our insurance. I'm paying around $151 for a 3 month supply (that's 4 boxes). I have seen a drastic drop in my A1C but the fluctation between when I was pregnant with my baby son to being on the pump after being high before the pregnancy has cause another issues that I was told would be able to be reversed. Hopefully that is true. The peripheral neuropathy is already a pain in the butt.