New Pumper, LOVE my ping

Day 4 of pumping (for the first time ever.) I absolutely love it! So much easier and better than MDI's. Very happy with my Ping. Any other new pumpers here?

I was 3 years ago. I’m so glad my endocrinologist pushed me to consider it.

Very cool. waiting to get mine.

Welcome! I have the ping for a couple of years and love it too. If you haven’t tried the Dexcom glucose monitor you should think about it next.

Thanks guys! Yep, very happy with it. I can't believe it could be this easy! So much better than MDI's!

ps. been having a hard time trying to get dexcom approved by insurance

Hi jesikabeth- i just started on saline today on my ping- very excited to finally be making the switch. A week of saline and then on to insulin. Glad to hear how well you’re doing!

Been using mind for 1 week now. Love it!!!!!!