New sensor/transmitter didn't pair

This truly is a stupid question. Around or after midnight last night, I had the luck to need to insert a new sensor and a new transmitter. In my sleepy state I do not recall a pairing procedure. Does that happen with Tandem? A message said I must insert a new sensor which I HAD DONE!! It even had a different code than the last one.
I removed the sensor this morning.
Question: should I insert it again and hope it takes this time or should I call Dex in case they need to walk me thru some process to get them both accepted?
You folks who have experience with weird things… what would you suggest? Thanks.
Obviously, being on Medicate, I only had the one new transmitter so I really want it to work vs having to wait for a replacement!

How do I delete this topic? Or will an admin delete it for me if that is what it takes? I think that in my sleepy state last night, I did not do something right and that is not anything that needs to be here pestering folks!
I started over without calling Dex and this time I think I have done the steps correctly. I’m mostly awake now!
Sorry. But please how do I delete this crazy topic? Thanks.

Go to your posts - Click on the 3 dots next to reply - Click on trash can to delete post

Leave it up!! Someone else might have had the same issue and your post may be helpful to them. What was the fix?

I never did find a trash button to delete the topic. I clicked on my name, the only way I knew to find my topics or messages and then this messages but… I know it’s simple but I am dumb about the mechanics of this site.
As to what I did, that was really not anything anyone else would ever do. In my drowsy state, I remember entering the new transmitter ID but I don’t recall entering it the second time, as required. That may have been the problem but I don’t know. Today, I just started over and followed all the steps. This time correctly, apparently!

Oh, and on the box, it is called a serial number but Tandem calls it a transmitter ID. I kept looking for an ID but there is an inconsistency there. I look for the actual words, folks.

This topic may be helpful to others that have similar situation, so suggest you leave it.

For reference, here is Tandem instructions.

Of note…
The letters I, O, V, and Z are not used in transmitter IDs and should not be entered. If one of these letters is entered, you will be notified that an invalid ID was entered and prompted to enter a valid ID.

Possibly you misentered on first entry.