My Dexie Died!

Just kind words of support needed!
Dexie was just humming along like normal this past Wednesday, was heading out for Bible Study and errands, Dexie was not suppose to end sensor until the following day, when all of a sudden I got a sensor failed screen. Well, I was finishing up week two, so stranger things have happened. Had to live without Dexie that day, I try to do inserts before bed, so got up Thurs am and hit new sensor, 30 min later - buzzzzz - sensor failed again. On the phone with Tech, so send out new sensor, just figured bad sensor. Again, insert Thurs pm before bed, get up this morning, now Dexie isn’t talking to transmitter - not unusual during the night, got them on speaking terms, hit start sensor, and here we go again 30 min later - buzzzz - sensor failed. While waiting for Tech to open so I don’t wake anyone up there in CA, I notice Dexie isn’t talking to transmitter. At all. Download data as per Tech, wait for them to call me back, and “sniff sniff” Tech says Dexie is kaput! I am so lost! No Dexie over the weekend! Oh the pain of finger sticks!
Anyway, FYI - she was just over 6 months old, battery probably just died according to tech, they say sensor failed because not enough juice in transmitter to send data to receiver. But it is amazing how much I have grown on depending on having that device stuck to my hip. So a new one is on the way, but not here until Monday sometime.

Et tu Brute? Mine wasn’t the battery, my sensor just bit the dust on day six. I tried to restart it a couple of times to no avail, so I stuck in a new one the next day. Am I reading your post correctly that it was the transmitter battery, not the receiver battery that died?

Yep, they say the transmitter probably bit the ghost. It is still under warrenty, as Dexcom says they cover it for year, and they are sending me two replacement sensors. I have been using it pretty much consistantly since I got it early October 2010, I really have grown to love the thing so to be without it for more than about 2 days has become difficult. I have never had a sensor fail since I began, and consistantly can get a good two weeks out of each sensor - not much more typically. I hope they cover this new transmitter for another year - if so, I guess that is a bit of a bonus!

I had my Dex die after one year in May 2009 - June 2010 - I just finally got a whole new Dexcom Seven Plus (same exact system as I had previously)… Anywho, I tried to use the old receiver while using my new receiver and new transmitter… my old receiver would not pick up the new transmitter (even though I entered new transmitter number into system), I kept getting the “out of range signal”. I called Dexcom wondering why the old receiver wasn’t picking up my new transmitter since the new receiver was working and found out that there is an antenna inside each receiver and that there is a possibility of the antenna not working anymore. I was so glad that I went ahead and got a whole new system instead of just getting the $600 transmitter chip (yes, it really does cost that much, that’s why Dexcom reps told me to just get a whole new system since insurance was paying for the system). Just thought I would give you a heads up that if the transmitter is not dead the receiver could be broken. Good Luck!