New Software Charging a Fee?

I’m a beta user for and just logged in yesterday. There is a new window when logging in that says “You have 6 days left in your trial. Click here to purchase a subscription” - does anyone know anything about this? I thought that this software was going to be available to us for free but apparently there are disclaimers all over the page that say they are not affiliated with OmniPod? A year’s subscription is $71.88? Anyone know anything abut this??

I saw that too and don’t think it’s worth it. I think Omnipod is coming out with an improved program that you download to your computer. Hopefully, that will be adequate.

So the one thing that I really don’t like about OmniPod is they always say something is coming out and it never seems too. At the beginning of this year, they said the new software would be available in August, then it was December and now it’s early next year. It’s unforgivable that they haven’t released software and now the only one that’s actually good is going to cost $80 per year!! I have to say that this is very frustrating for me.


Insulet is suppose to be coming out with new software and I don’t think they are going to charge for it. Don’t buy at 71.88 is too much money.

I don’t keep track much and I personally have no problems. i would NOT pay that much per year for charts and things… It’s your call though.

I think the current software just isn’t very adequate and doesn’t keep any history. The OmniPartner stuff is really great - even my endo loved it and it was the first they’d seen of it and that’s Stanford Clinic!! I just hate having to spend money on something that really should be part of this product. I like the history so you can see trends. Having a toddler with Type 1 makes it harder to figure out when he’s feeling badly and when he’s not. Trends for me are a great decider in figuring out if he needs basals changed, etc. Can’t wait till he gets older and talks more so he can tell me when he’s feeling bad, etc… Anyway, sorry to complain…

Is there a place to sign up for the Omnipartner Site? Since my Insurance covers the Omnipod 100%, I would pay extra to have access toa site/software that can help me keep better track of my sons levels.
I know there is supposed to be new software and a PDM coming out, but I don’t want to wait as these “supposed tos” are often delayed.