New study about pump_CGM treatment

(from my alma mater, so I’m particularly into this. In fact, I worked and studied at the medical school, almost across the street from the diabetes center where this kind of research is going on)

Thanks for the article. Makes perfect sense. My A1c went from 7.3 to 5.9 when I started using an insulin pump. The ability to modify my basal rates made all the difference. I’m going to forward this information along to my 15 year old granddaughter. I’m trying mightily to show her the benefits of an isulin pump. She’s not wanting to have one thing attached to her body let alone two.

You would think from all the positive information out there, that Medicare would pay for this pump!
I still keep hoping!!
My A1c has also lowered…

Go Canes!

Dee…that was my first thought, as well. Hopefully, by the time the Opod comes out with the integrated option, our insurance companies will have gotten this message. Thanks, Eric.

I should add that, even though I worked and studied nearby, I was too foolish in my younger days to go over there and get involved. Argh, stupid young-me!

Go Canes!
I frustrates me that, while so many people associate U of M with world-class athletics, so few know of its world-class educational and research programs. If you want to study medicine, marine biology, music, international business, and some specialties of law, it’s one of the top institutions in the southeast, if not the entire country.
Hopefully sharing these kinds of articles will spread the word…

I am new to the area but was aware of U of M’s rep before I got here. Although I am not a fan of the athletics at heart, I will wear green and orange (a truly U.G.L.Y. combo) if all this research goes where we want it to.