New Tandem IQ and G6!

Just fired up my new system the other day. And I am walking around with a huge smile on my face! It is stunning how easy and accurate it is! I have almost completely stopped testing ( but it is a hard habit to break!) And the only test that was off was the first day by 30 points. But since then, 5 days now, the numbers have been right on. And yesterday was the first day with no lows recorded 80% in target and a SD of 38! Can’t tell you how excited I am. And it takes no work of effort!
I turn the alerts off over night so they don’t wake me up when it suspends but I turn it on during the day just so I can see when it does it’s business! And the past few nights, I have slept beautifully! Technology can be our friend and I am so looking forward to the next download next year.


Very good to hear. My daughter will be getting that system in the new year. Thanks for posting your experience.

Very cool!!

Wow, that’s great to hear.

Congrats! Feels great huh?!

Although I have been on the X2 pump for a while now, I just started the G6/Basal_IQ on Saturday the 1st.
And the system has been working GREAT!
I have had the best overnight numbers since I started pumping!
I too cannot wait until the next step forward.

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Just a quick follow up to my joy of my new pump. I guess I could say it is my Christmas present this year because it is making things so much easier.
First, I was very disappointed when I learned I couldn’t use the receiver and have the pump set up at the same time. I like the receiver because there is a firm policy at work about cell phones staying in your pocket. My little receiver coming out of my pocket never was a problem. So even while I have told all the management about why the phone is coming out, there are about 400 people in my building and I can tell everyone. And you know how people can talk and complain. And I had thought about just using the pump but I am a big event user and that is not possible on the pump only in the phone app. But I will say the phone apps event screen is great, everyday is listed with every event entered in order so I can see if I missed anything.
G6 has been pretty great! And while I am no longer testing 4-8 times a day, I am still testing once or twice a day and most times it is pretty darn close, like less than 10 points difference. Only twice have I been off more than that and I did calibrate to pull it back into perfect pairing. And this is for the many, like me who felt that the numbers were never close enough. The last time I did dose for the one that was higher by 20 and amazingly I had no problems because the pump suspended for a few minutes when it was heading down. So very, very cool! I am no going to start releasing some cool and fear with this new technology.
So with the less thinking and worrying I have to find something else to do with all that time and mental space. So I am going to take up sewing! Yeah for technology so I don’t have to waste all that brain power on blood sugars!

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I know I am going on and on here, but I must say this new system has been so liberating! I have been using it for just over a week and every time I think about how little I think about it, I get this big huge goofy smile.
I had my two days off and just realized I had no idea where my meter case was. I hadn’t tested in two days! I would never, ever had done that before. That case was always attached to me. I never went anywhere without it. Yes, I will still have it in my purse just because it also has my insulin/syringe & Afreeza for those moments when things are not working. But no more testing.
And while I was always one who felt the numbers weren’t close enough to dose off of, I must say I am impressed that everything is going great. My time in range has been over 80% which I was thrilled to get 70%. My urgent lows are almost completely gone and I am sleeping through the night! I do worry about lows overnight any more. Yes, I have gotten one alarm for a low that the system couldn’t pull me out of, but I took two tablets and went back to bed. No problems.
So day three without testing and I am hoping to get through a full week without testing. I was amazed when I heard people say they hadn’t tested in three weeks! I might be one of those people! Technology can be our friend! I just had to give some things up and let the system ride. Pretty darn cool!


Send the cgm to a watch.

Works great for school.

Maybe good for business also?

Little flick of the wrist, see the BG number and nobody even notices you did anything. Nothing gets pulled out of your pocket.


I have an “old” Gear 2 watch (as does my wife) that we both use to see our dexcom G5 data via the xDrip app on our phones. No need for an app (nor is it even possible to have a cgm app installed on the watch) on the watch. The magic works via android notifications, every 5 minutes as the cgm xmitter sends the data out. BTW, the watch runs Tizen. Very few apps available and they mostly are terrible but the watch is great–it has an IR blaster for using as a TV remote, plus there is a 2MP camera.

I also always have my meter attached to me. I hadn’t thought about not having the need to have a meter near by. Not sure I’ll be able to break the habit. Maybe I’ll keep one near by (i.e. in my backpack) rather than always physically availalbe. Time will tell. I have my G6 waiting to finish up my last box of G5 sensors. The move to Tandem will be sometime in 2019.

We do not use a meter routinely. If the Dexcom doesn’t look quite right or between session or towards the end of a session when the data gets a bit jumpy.

My approach to not forgetting a meter was to get enough to spread them around so they don’t have to move. The meter itself is like $9 on Amazon so not a big deal to get extra. We use the Contour Next One.

I’ve loved my switch to the G6. Still waiting to get started on Basal IQ (getting my Dr and Tandem to connect was a nightmare).

The G6 has been superior to the G5 in almost every way except one: Alarms are a lot more frequent and acknowledging an alarm doesn’t always stop it from beeping later if I’m heading low. While it is nice to get an alarm before I go low instead of only after I hit a low, the overall frequency has been a bit absurd.

Still, not having to prick my finger is a godsend and I am so glad that I was able to switch over.

I got spoiled because I was using my G5 with XDRIP only. I rarely tested/calibrated.
So going with the G6 was an easy crossover for me.

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@Sally7 Ditto. I love my Tandem/G6 as well…

All my extra juice boxes, fewer lows

Have you figured out how to restart the sensor while on the pump? I too love the basal IQ and have been on it about 8 days. Thanks!

LOL! I used those for years. For the past how-ever-many-years, I’m using skittles. much easier to carry with me, I can take as many as I need–1 carb each–they taste OK, and no concerns about leakage. Try removing a complete package of juice dried out for weeks, on the rear carpet of your car. Skittles are tiny, so they are easy to keep in a pocket or purse. I keep them in small medicine bottles with screw caps. When I’m out and about and needing some carbs, I just upend a bottle and eat what I think is the appropriate number of Skittles to get me up to a safe number. Juice drinks get very, very hot when left in a car (DAMHITK).

I must say that Tim35 was right! My A1C stayed the same after my first three months using the IQ system. Had a 6.2 last time and a 6.2 this time. It didn’t go up. I was thinking no more lows would wash out the highs. The biggest change was no more urgent lows and my % of lows which was double digits is now down to around 6%. In range time is up big time and I feel so much better. My mental happiness is also way up there. My doctor even mentioned that I seemed much happier. I said yeah, no blood testing and no lows, how could I not be happier.
So we are now talking about office visits every 6 months now and maybe when the new download happens, it might be just once a year. So cool when technology does really make your life easier!

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Congratulations @Sally7! That is fantastic news. Keep up the good work. :newspaper::+1::blush: