New to diabetes - small insulin dosages

I'm new to insulin. Does anyone else use small dosages like 3-4 units Lantus, and only 1 to 2 units of meal time bolus (novolog)?

3-4 units of Lantus is not a problem in terms of injection and if a little dribbles out, I don't seem to notice a big change in my BG readings.

On the other hand, counting the carbs accurately and matching the novolog is challenging, not to mention the insulin that sometimes dribbles out.

A small digital food scale that measures in grams and ounces is an accurate tool to help you to learn to dose insulin. It educates your eyes to make better guesstimates when eating out.

Keeping records of insulin dose and time as well as measured carbs is a great way to shorten your learning path. You don't need to log every day but in the beginning you can learn a lot that way.

Keeping the needle in place for four or five seconds will help minimize dribbles.

Your pancreas must have a fair amount of function left. If you use insulin well, you can extend your honeymoon period. This is a worthwhile goal, worth every effort to extend.

Hello there, When I first started on Lantus it was small amounts. I had started on 10 units at bedtime, Then 20 units, then 30 and then increased to 35 by my endocrininolgist.
This took weeks of adjusting. I monitored a lot too. then I started on Apidera, sliding scale then more adjustable. This took me monitoring and recording a lot and excellent work from my endocrinologist. Now I back off my Lantus some if I go to walking in the evenings. I got my Endo to tell me when to adjust the medicine myself and she told me.
Matching my Apidra to my carbs was a learning event. Small changes are the way to go on this. When my levels started to decrease, my body really shook with sweating and I had chills.