New to group and looking for pics of new pod

i am relatively new to omnipod (switched from minimed just over a month ago) and new to this group. i've been told that new pods are coming soon, and i'm very excited. i have seen pics of the pods sitting next to each other and it looks a little smaller, but from what i've read in comments is that it feels a LOT smaller. can anyone who has the new smaller pods either comment on how the size feels compared to the old pods and/or post a pic of one being worn???

my other question about the new pod, is i think i read somewhere that there's not the gap around the pod, that the whole thing is suck secure to the tape that sticks to you. wondering how that feels and if you notice it getting caught on things less (i tend to get it caught on my kitchen chair (wearing it on my lower back), but i think it's that space where the edge of the pod isn't attached to the tape that's getting caught).

t1 for 20 years.

There’s a photo of it on my stomach. I’ve never used the old pods, so I can’t compare. I love my OmniPod!
2041-image.jpg (78.5 KB)

thanks! it definitely looks more low profile than the old pod!

Might be the angle, but seems as wide if not wider too. That wouldn't be bad IMHO. As long as it is less tall.

from what i've read on line, the width is near the same, but the length and height are smaller

The company says they're one-third smaller and one-quarter lighter, FWIW.

yes jim, i read all the specs. what i really wanted was a pic ON someone, and belinda shared, thank you belinda!!! would love to see any other pics or input from other people on the smaller pod. it's like waiting for christmas morning. lol

Sorry, we didn't want to open ours yet, but side-by-side they are smaller & just a little flatter too. My son is excited as he almost pulled his off when wearing the "sample" pod (the old/big one).

2040-OmniPod.JPG (3.41 MB)

A shot with me standing up, wearing the pod.
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Belinda, have you been having any occlusion issues? I heard that the new Pod users are having more occlusion issues. My son will be a new Pod wearer soon & I'm hoping this isn't the case.

i have to say, i'm a little miffed at omnipod because when i call them in late december/early jan. they told me that existing customers would be transitioned first, so i would get the smaller pods sooner if i started now on the old pods. now they seem to be shipping new customers the new pods first.......

Mom 2 Kyle: I’ve never had an occlusion.

Vickim1970: I’m English. The British licensed the new OmniPod last Summer, consequently, British people get it before you. Don’t blame MyLife or Ypsomed, blame the FDA.

Lol, you must be small. That pod looks huge compared to the bigger pod on my stomach :)

I’m a US 6-8, although I’ve lost a bit of weight since the pump let me stop snacking.

I’m not tiny though: I’m life-sized!

Well I think I've finally found a benefit of being big-sized!

And seriously the pod doesn't look that big on you but it's clear the wearer's size makes a difference - it looks huge on some of the kids I've seen photos of. Hopefully they just keep getting smaller.

they actually say on their u.s. web site that they are sending out to new patients right now and existing patients will be getting them when they get re-filled. which for me is another 2 months.

They told me the same thing when I started on the pods a year and a half ago. It didn't effect my decision at all because I knew the new pods were still a long way off, though I could see how it would be annoying for you.

It wouldn't seem to be too much of an issue as long as your next shipment is the smaller pods. If they send you another batch of the old ones, then I could see being really pissed about it.