Omnipod placement

I’ve noticed when I put the pod in a certain area of my abdomen,my blood sugars are completely out of whack…Could it be a buildup of scar tissue from overuse of this area? Even with the food I am eating ,there is no way my sugars should be running this high numbers ranging from 196-356…

You’re not saying where this certain area is. Scar tissue can certainly impact insulin absorption. I’m assuming that you’re avoiding the 2" area around your navel as indicated on the OmniPod placement guide.

Hi Patti…I have noticed this also. There has been some discussion about it…you can look at past conversations. Some people notice this regardless of the site when starting a new pod and give themselves an extra bolus. I can also have an “out of wack” issue at the end of the 3 days sometimes. Usually, the site will be inflamed when I remove the pod, so if my numbers start climbing for seemingly no reason, I will change my pod early.

it is actually on my lower left side of abdomen…when I was on mdi’s I pretty much always used my abdomen area…it is just , so weird to be out of control for 2 days ,without eating anything really off diet…I’ll just have to keep a record of how my sugars are running with pod in that particular area…thanks for you replies!

Patti…do you always wear skirts or lose pants? I only wear my pod on my upper abdomen as I don’t think my clothes would fit over it anywear else and I don’t see how it is comfortable to drive with it on your back.

The pod on my back is my favorite place but if I’m going to have a drive more than a couple hours I’ll usually avoid it. Shorter drives aren’t an issue. Right now my pod is in an area that’s “fattier” than most spots and I’ve noticed that the insulin absorption takes longer than usual. I have had a couple spots where my numbers have been way out of whack (inner thigh) and don’t use them anymore. Scarring can be an issue, I haven’t run into it as I usually used my abdomen for shots and have avoided it for the pod most of the time so that it can heal. Good luck finding spots that work better.

Elaine and Lee…I prefer to wear the pod on my back. I place it just above the waist band of my jeans, pants or skirt. You’ve got to be careful that it’s not over a lower rib or too close to the spine. I’ve NEVER had any problem with it there. If I were to back up to a wall, there’s a space that’s not flush to the wall and that’s the area that I place it. My abdomen is my alternate site; but I sometimes find that it’s sort of in the way when I lean or bend forward…never have that issue when it’s on my back.

Thanks, Janice. I don’t have much going on back there, but I am going to try placing the pod in what little space there is next change.

I’m pretty lean and any spot on my back above the waistband doesn’t work. But, I frequently place pods in that “in-between” space where my back turns into my butt. Here’s how I place it: stand with my hands on my hips, thumbs facing the back. The pod goes about 2 inches below one of the thumbs, cannula facing “in” (towards the spine), usually a little more towards the spine than the tip of the thumb.
On me, that is a somewhat squishy area that is still part of the arch of my back and thus doesn’t come into play when sitting or laying flat. The only way it bothers me in those spots is when sleeping if I lay sort-of half on my back and half on my side.

This is exactly where I’m speaking of. Guess I should have clarified what type of pants…and skirt. Although, I can use the entire strip across between what would possibly be “love handles” and not too close to the spine. I resolve that sleeping problem w/ a small soft pillow.

I can no longer use my lower abdomen after pumping there for 8 years. I have to use alternate sites. I ALWAYS experience poor absorption and sustained highs in the lower abdomen. Try the upper rear, lovehandles, upper abdomen, lower back, legs, arms, etc.

Thanks everyone for the tips…

I still don’t get it…“upper rear?” How does that work with pants? I don’t wear tight jeans or pants, but does the pod really just fit there? I picture a funky bulge and/or it rubbing against my waistband or belt.

On me, it’s just a bit lower than the waistband. My underwear fit tight against it so there is no rubbing. With jeans or most shorts or casual pants, the bulge isn’t really noticeable. Having said that…I’m a guy; I can imagine it might be more of an issue for girls/women.
The next time I put a pod there (probably this Saturday) I’ll try to have my wife take some photos to share. Nothing to racy, though… :slight_smile:

I’ll look forward to that, Eric!

When you’re sitting down, only the bottom half of your rear is making contact with the seat. Anything higher than that is fair game. So the top of the cheeks, almost down into the rear jeans pockets. It’s my absolute favorite podding site. No one has ever noticed it. It can be either above or below the waistband of my low rise undies and still be comfortable for me. I’ve got a lot of junk in the trunk, as it were though.