New to Omnipod

I will be starting on the Omnipod on Friday after being on a traditional pump for the last 6 years. I decided to go tubeless because of my one year old son Ryan he likes to play with the tubbing.

Hi Marlon - welcome! I see you are in Baltimore? I am in Laurel, and my 10 year old has been on the Omnipod for over a year now and we haven’t looked back. He’s had one shot in that time, and very few issues. He loves sports so it’s been a blessing for us to have something that doesn’t interfere with that! I hope it’s just as good of an experience for you, and this group is an amazing support system, so if you have any questions there’s almost definitely someone else on here who can help you out, or at least understand!

I’ve only been on it 1.5wks now but I’m not missing that tubing at all. It is a little weird on how to sit or sleep when on back or belly but getting used to all that and DO NOT MISS the tubing one bit. Good luck Friday. I’m sure you will love it.

Best of luck Marlon. I think you’ll like it. =)

Thank you Natasha!

Ok Gr8! Thanks Sandy!

Ok Thanks!

I am switching too due to a 2.5 year old and a breastfeeding 9 month old that think pump tubing is the best toy ever!

The pod rocks. I put them on the tricep of my arms, just have to avoid door jams. It’s nice to not have to worry dealing with the tail and the old pump.

Hello! I’ve been on the pod for less than 24 hours (after switching from 10 years on Minimed), but I just LOVE it !!! I had my training session yesterday afternoon and it went great. The trainer was well informed and very helpful. Good luck tomorrow!

Hi! My name is Michelle. My 6 year old started on the OmniPod Monday evening. We love it.
I prepared to have trouble with the first pod.
I thought for sure the first day of gym class it would fall off.
I expected his numbers to be pretty elevated.
NONE of the above happened. His A1C Monday was 8.8 so our numbers have obviously been high. We have had great numbers all week. The pod is just starting to lift on one end but we are due for a pod change this evening! Previously on MDI using Lantus and Novolog, I can not believe how easy our mornings have become. Test. Bolus. Eat. AMAZING! I know it wont always be this easy and there will be pod failures (and little boy mishaps) but we are SOLD on OmniPod! Good Luck tomorrow!

I have a three year old that has been on the pod for a year - we were coming from needles so alot of what I love about the pod is that it is a pump. That being said - my daughter will forget where the pod is so I know it is not uncomfortable to wear. The pod also gives us more sites which is very important on such a little body. The one downside I can see with the pod over other pumps is that since the pdm is not attached to you - you can misplace it - we have had our share of sinking stomach moments when we realize our 18 month old has walked off with it. The pod changes are very quick for us now - 5 minutes or less. I also love that she can bathe and swim with it.

Good Luck!

Hi Marlon
I also changed to the Omnipod a month ago for the same issues. My 11 month old daughter thought it was a great toy whilst feeding and as the sets would fall off without much pressure anyway with the minimed this caused alot of problems and I also worried about the needle from the set stabbing her. I think it is wonderful. I have had problems but their nurse on call is wonderful and very helpful and patient with me. We have been experiencing payment problems as the hospital hasd taken over a month to pay the company so they wont send out the pods so I keep having to collect pods left by the rep from the hospital but its is supposed to be sorted out.
I worry now that as we have just found out we are expecting our second that I will run out of funding for the pods as they only hold 212 units and need to be replaced more often due to inreasing insulin needs, but I still dont wanna go back to my old minimed.
I hope you experience all the benefits of the omnipod tomorrow

I have been on mine for about 3 months. I had to adjust a few things. I can’t use my arms bc I am in college and I bump my arm all the time and my backpack off and on. I have pulled a few out just bc I am an accident waiting to happen. I got some Meflex tap to help give it some more support and its been great

I recently got on the OmniPod. I just got off the saline for practice and am now officially on my insulin. I have to say it is a bit difficult to adjust to but I know it will help my health in the long run. I am trying to regulate my blood sugars and the pod is causing them to go all over the place (we are still adjusting the basal). I cant say your experience will be the same though because you are switching from a pump whereas I switched from insulin shots. I suggest putting it on the back of your upper arm as it has proven (for me) to be the most comfortable. Well I hope you adjust well and I really hope you like it:)

Hey welcome to the Podders! I’ve been on for about 7 months now…first pump so can’t compare to another one but would not go back to shots. Best of luck and hope it works as well for you as it does for me. Take care ~Schmutz

I’m 5 mos in and a new believer! At first I resisted- not used to pump, etc, but it’s been so easy and my numbers are so steady. It’s been a gift. It took a couple of weeks to get it “dialed in” correctly to the right levels at difference times, but it is awesome now.

Training was absolutely wonderful & easy today. I started my 1st pod @ 11:15 am. Everything is great so far. No more tubing thanks to Omnipod. I like to thank everyone who posted there advice & experiences you guys are the best. It’s official I’m now a part of the podder community!!! YAHOO!

Congratulations and good luck!

Good luck with the Omnipod! My son 8 started three weeks ago and LOVES IT!!! is is VERY active so he would not even consider having anything with tubing! (has had diabetes for 16 months now). I have heard nothing but WONDERFUL things about the OmniPod and we LOVE IT!!!
Great to have the support here if you have any questions!