Omnipod training tomorrow! I am excited as all get out! (I have some very old phraseology).

Be patient! It won't be completely intuitive, and won't work perfectly right at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it and adjust all your settings (and there are many...) you'll love it. Don't forget you have plenty of friends here for support. Best of luck!

Exciting times! I'm sure you will do great. Good luck!

I have had diabetes for almost 50 years , I have seen many many changes and by far the best thing so far that has happened for me was to get the omnipod insulin pump . I read everything I could find and learned as much as I could and then asked more questions . the set up for me was quite close from the getgo and dialed in nicely quite quickly I hope that you have as good a transition as I did , I am sure you will love it

Try not to get frustrated if everything does not go as smoothly as it did for Drilldoctor38. Other parents of children with T1D told me that switching from MDI to a pump was like being diagnosed all over again. It wasn't quite that bad, but it wasn't as intuitive as I had expected. There are just so many variables that are all interconnected. But the tighter control that can be achieved by pumping, IMHO, is well worth that steep learning curve!!!

If you have the time, try to read through the OmniPod manual. My daughter's OmniPod was delivered directly to her CDE, so I didn't have a chance to read it before training. In hindsight, I wish I would have had that opportunity.

I'm guessing that you are going to love the OmniPod! Let us know how everything goes.

Thanks everyone! I cannot wait NOT to give myself a shot!!!

Try to think of it as a "bolus." That way you'll be reminded of the happy situation you're in now: no more actual shots!

Training complete! I now have a pod on my upper arm! But it is filled with saline. My CDE wants me to stay on the saline until next week and I told her truthfully I'm starting insulin tomorrow. She accepted that but I have to email her my records every day at 1 p.m.

And it didn't hurt at all to insert!

I am hoping that all the programming and setup has been done , there are a lot of calculations to get things setup initially

Yes, all the calculations were done first thing and programming complete. I'm just going through the motions with the saline, using the PDM, giving myself "boluses" and "corrections" and will take 1/2 my Lantus dose tonight and begin pumping insulin tomorrow.

test often , I was on lantus as well and found that the last of the lantus lasted about a week after that things settled down and were great til then I had a few lows