New to the group

I just joined the tudiabetes group and wanted to introduce myself. My son was diagnosed with type 1 a year ago at 18 months. I really enjoy reading about other experiences and learning new tips. This is a great group!


Welcome Chance! People here have been very kind and helpful to me. There are lots of parents of T1 kids on TuDiabetes. I hope you get lots of tips.

((((hugs))))) to your son. Eighteen months is too darn young to have to deal with all this.

Oh, and check out the group, “Parents of children with type 1”. Just click on Groups. It has over 800 members.

Hello and Welcome

WELCOME!!! There’s some of us old pro’s ouot there with Type 1 and some newly diagnosed here with Type 1 who are more than willing to help you> My daughter is also a Type 1 but both of us Took Type 1 at 10 and 11 not as young as your son.