New to the site!

Ok, well this is my first blog, post, or whatever. Anyway, I have had this diabetes since Feb 08. Went into the ER with a 11.5 A1C and sugar of 464, from 6’2 225 to 193 in weight, oh man it was freaky! I was in the hospital for 7 days! Now, phew…! I am a 5.4 and use insulin and exercise to control this thing, my weight went back to 225 (but I liked it skinny). But to deal with this everyday is hard, most people don’t understand it or think, “oh my god, you have diabetes…?”. But from what I have learned we can all get through it and live healthy lives. Well, thanks for reading and send me any messages! August

Welcome! Nice to meet you! :slight_smile: Yes, we can live with it, learn to control, and get on with life. Keep up that positive attitude, its contagious!

Thanks! I won’t let this ever get in my way. Thank you again. August


Indeeed we can. I’m 16 now and plan to live until my 80’s… Able to see, feel and walk =)