New to this....i accidently left myself a comment...instead of posting this blog....OMNI PUMP Questions?

So i just recently found this omnipod thing online…thanks to the jonas brother that was on ellen that also has one. i had a pump two years ago. But after I gave birth to my son I went back to insulin shots four or five times a day along with a lantus shot every morning. It kinda stinks to do the shots but I got a batch of recalled supplies and took them on vacation with me…which led to am emergency situation…with no prescriptions…and no way to get pump supplies. So that left a very bad taste in my mouth. I also found that having a one year old and three year old was a little difficult with a tube hanging on my side…they were constantly getting their little feed or hands around the tubing. This new omni pump seems really great since there’s no tubing…but I wanted to know from people that have them if the bulkyness of it on your skin ever gets in the way…are there any issues with clogging? I’d love to go back to the simple life of having a pump…but I’m still a little leary. Any answers? Thanks.

I think I’m the one person out there that doesn’t sing the praises of OmniPod. I didn’t find it bulky, but it can get uncomfortable if you have it somewhere where it can get bumped a lot. I wore mine on my back/side and sitting in the car was uncomfortable. I also kept putting it right where my jeans needed to sit! Aside from that, I must have had an entire box that developed Occlusions-meaning I had to remove the whole dang pod and suck the insulin back out of it.

That said- I cannot tell you how many people just SWEAR by the system and never have had the problems I have. Apparently I kicked a puppy in a past life- bad Karma…

Occlusions/expense are a significant possibility with Omnipod and the problem appears to really vary from person to person. I am hesitating to try it but if and when I do I will keep track of their 45 day money-back guarantee and I will automatically budget for 6 extra pods each year.

I’ve been on the pod for a little over a year. It’s my first pump but I LOVE it. I’ve had a few occlusions, twice I had like 3 in a row, but insulet have been great at replacing my pods. I alternate between arms and tummy. I’ve bumped it on my arm against a wall a few times, and the one on my tummy hits against the sink while doing dishes, but I’ve learned to be a little more careful. I just had a pod that wasn’t giving me all my insulin but didn’t alarm me. I got up to 328, then changed pods. Insulet is replacing it for me. Even though I had an extemely bad day, I know not everything is 100%. Good luck to you!

I moved from the Minimed 522 to the Omnipod and am very happy I did. I have had so few problems with it (2 occlusions at around 48 hours and 3 pods that wouldn’t prime) and absolutely love the fact that I’m not connected to anything. My prescription is for a pod change every 2 days (which I don’t need - I don’t use the minimum amount of insulin in 3 days) so I will have quite a few backup pods once my prescription changes. I highly suggest trying it out.

Hi Jacklyn,

I started on the Cozmore in 2008 and loved it. Only thing I didn’t like was the tube. I migrated over to OmniPod in the fall of 2009, with the demise of the Cozmore. I wear it exclusively on my arms. I migrate it up and down, forwards and backwards so I don’t keep re-using the same infusion sites. I’ve had one occlusion in 6 months, and no other errors. I love it. I’ve tried it on the belly, but I wind up knocking it off. It’s hardly noticeable on the back of my arm.

Good luck with your choice,

i had horrible luck with the omnipod…more failed pods than ones that worked…and horrible customer service…the situation varies from person to person…

Hi Jacklyn, My 7 year old son has used the OmniPod system for the past three years and we are happy with it. Other than the adhesive getting a little itchy on day three of use, he has not complained about it being uncomfortable. When we started we had some Pod errors. Now we have an occasional error when we fill a Pod, but otherwise I can’t think of any occlusions or other errors we have had recently. I believe they will send you a demo Pod you can wear to get a feel for it. Good luck with your decision.