New to this site and happy to have found it :)


A little about me: I can't remember not having the big "D", but sure wish I didn't. It's been 10 years and feels like forever. I was told 8 years ago when my husband and I got married we should adopt when we were ready to have children since the complications from pregnancy were simply too risky :( Even though I didn't want to have any kids this saddened me more than I could have even imagined.

I now have a 4 y/o girl a 2 /y/o boy and a new 3 mo old little boy all healthy and perfect, so far.

No complications for me either, other than the day to day from having D. Pregnancies were harder each time, second worse than first and third worse than 2nd (3rd one was sooooooo not planned-but here he is)

With the amazing Dr's and staff at the Florida Hospital Endocrine Center I was able to get thru 3 pregnancies in 4 years and have been relatively healthy, so far ;)

I am glad to have joined this site I am always in need of support and still have so many questions. We all learn the best from each others trials and conquests. I hope to get acquainted soon with some :)........... and for any with pregnancy questions I have experience there with great results, just ask ;)


Melissa, welcome to TuDiabetes. I have found it to be tremendously helpful, both for support and for knowledge. The downside is that I do spend too much time here! Congratulations on your beautiful family. Isn’t it a shame that doctors can give out such unwarranted advice? Twenty four years ago I was told that I should have gotten counseling before getting pregnant and that I should take steps to make SURE it did not happen again. This toward the end of a complication-free pregnacy! I found out later that the doctor giving that advice had a medical condition of her own preventing pregnancy. While I appreciated where she was coming from, it is too bad that she was not given counseling regarding where to separate her personal life with that of her patients. No big deal. We were and continue to be very happy with our family of three! I’m glad that you were able to see through the advice you were given. I just wonder how we know when to accept a doctor’s words, and when to research further? I guess a site like this can help.


Very impressed with your 5ish A1C. :slight_smile: