New to this website!

I am a 15 year old diabetic, and new to this website! My name is Caren and I am a pumper with a Medtronic pink pump!! I was diagnosed when I was 7, and been a diabetic for 8 years! This group looks dead to me!! Let's start bringing it back up again!! We teenagers are strong :)

HEY! My name is Jo and I'm 15 as well! I have a Medtronic pump too. I was diagnosed at age 6 so I guess we are pretty similar, huh? I came to this website very recently and I really just want to know other teens with diabetes too since I don't know anyone with diabetes. Well yep that's about it. Thanks for listening.

Stop by the chat here on the website! I am literally there all the time! :)

hello! My name is Tiegan :) i was diagnosed when i was 9 and im now 15 .. 6 years of diabetes i had a pump but due to conciqunces i came off it.. i run my diabetes recenably well and would like someone tp talk about it with:)

Love to talk to you about it! :)

Hey I am Steffi a new member from Germany.
I'm 18 and I've had type 1 for 9 years now.
It's a great feeling that there are so many other people who have the same problems.
So I am happy to meet you all! ;)