Recipes for diabetics anyone?

I’m not sure whether it appropriate to ask here, so I’m taking a chance and doing so, and that is to ask fellow members if they have any meal recipes of their own that I could post on my diabetes website. Like many men, I am hopeless in the kitchen so I have to rely on others to suggest what makes a suitable meal for a diabetic.

I have all the standard cookbooks but would prefer original diabetic recipes that are more standard and simple and known to be good for any diabetic. I will of course give credit by name to anyone who may be able to help me on this little project and will report back. My e-mail is (the ca indicates that I am from Canada. There are more than 3 million known cases of diabetes in Canada),
Thanks, Jim Robinson

I struggle with that one myself, so I’ll definetely be interested in your information. I subscribe to cooking magazines for diabetics and clean light eating (low carb primarily), unfotunately the recipes just don’t taste good to me, and I understand that I have to change my taste to satisfy my Type II needs. Basically, I exist on good fats, nuts (walnuts, almonds and mixed unsalted), water, various fiberous foods (artichokes are excellent) and a small amount of protein - and a few too many slips of comfort foods - which for me are in the dairy family (need to get off of them I know). My doc says my diabetes is in check, however my liver enzymes are elevated…so back to the drawing board for me. Look forward to your blog.

Thanks everyone, good info and much appreciated. Cheers, Jim R.