New to TuDiabetes

I just wanted to post something to introduce myself a little bit. I’m 22 and have been Type 1 since April of 2004. I am on the pump. I do not use a lot of the advanced features, just the basic bolus and basal rates. I’m in a constant fight to find a cure. I live by the ADA motto of “Cure Care Committment.”

Thank you, and yes you are the first

hey Cris please let me be the 2nd to welcome you here! It’s great!

It is great to have you here, Chris. Take a look around, my friend… as of today, there’s over 440 people who like you and I are touched by diabetes. Welcome to a space where others “get” you, man!

I hope the community offers you with lots of help and that you are able to connect with many other people with diabetes that you can some day get to call friends too.

Hi Chris. A Minimed pump is tethered to me. What pump do you use?

Welcome Chris!! What type of pump do you use?

Welcome, Chris! I have a Minimed pump and love it. I find that some of the advanced features make life with diabetes much more manageable. Temporary basal rates for exercise, dual or square wave bolus for high fat or high protein meals, or for grazing at a party. I never had a good pizza experience until I got my pump and played around with the dual wave (combo) bolus.