New to tudiabetes not to diabetes

Hello to all
Im new to this site but have been diabetic for 14 years ,type 1,and just started pumping July 1st,09 It has been a great start for me as i was ready for the pump.Bg was better overnight and still working on it.My pump is Minimed 722 w/cgms.Ive have already read for days on here before i made my first post.I hope to learn lots about pumping from everyone


Welcome, Derek!

There are many experienced pumpers here who are happy to share their experiences & knowledge. In case you’ve haven’t noticed it yet, there’s an insulin pump forum you can join. Don’t be shy & ask like!

Hey Derek - great to see you’ve decided to take the leap into the land of pumping. I’m like you - long time diabetic - felt like a change from MDI (multiple doseage injections) - and life has gotten even better since going on the pump. You will find lots of people here to help you out - I know I did - but I only joined up to Tudiabetes a year later after starting to pump - you are doing well if you are joining up now - as you begin your new adventure.