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I am new here. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 11 years (may 24 is my diabetes birthday). I have been looking for a site like this. One that isn’t filled with tons of people who are on top on the diabetes world with perfect numbers and think they are better then everyone else. I have been looking for aplce that is welcoming and filled with normal people who either have their diabetes uner control and are willing to share advice or people who are still struggling and are willing to help each other out and root each other on. I want a fun honest place and I think I have found it.

I just posted a blog and in it it goes through my diabetic and persoanl history so I won’t bore you here with that.

I will say that I am a photographer and i LOVE it. I also have a great husband and 2 amazing kids! I just need a spot where I can surround myself with people who at least get diabetes in a way other around me in real life might not get.

So THANK YOU for being wonderful, helpful people who really seem to give a damn.

Welcome Tali! I think you may have found the site you’ve been looking for. This is a very supportive site with lots of different views. I have found it to be a great resource. I’m glad you found us – I think you’ll be happy you joined.

And it only took me 11 years…haha! So far I am very happy with what I have found!

Welcome and don’t save all your good stuff for the blogs. Some of us only read the boards :slight_smile:


Welcome! You’ll get so much advice here on Tudiabetes, you will be able to educate “some” of your doctors after a while.

Also so you know in case you haven’t found it yet. There is a photography group here on Tudiabetes…

Nice to meet you!! I like the idea of a bio, although maybe not a hair-raising one? I stuck one on my page and, occasionally, will say “in my bio on my page” rather than regurgitating the whole saga into a thread. Although, come to think of it, I do that too?

I’ll be sure to share over here to as well! thanks for the heads up!

Thanks! I’ll go check it out!

Here is my story in a nutshell:

I have type 1 diabetes. I suck at having the disease. I was diagnosed at age 17 in may. I was going through a rebellious stage and it took awhile for me to get out of it. When I was 19 my a1c was 7.1. Up until 2006 it was anywhere between 7 and 14. In 2006 I got pregnant and had to start taking care of myself. I was the healthiest I had ever been during that pregnancy. My a1c was 6-7. I gave birth to a gorgeous little girl on July 31st 2007, who is now 3 and is AMAZING. After giving birth I went into severe depression and ppd and went back into my bad ways. It went on like that for about 2 years. My marriage felt like it was constantly on the rocks and I was worse for wear. In 2009 I became pregnant again and once again became the healthiest I had been in 2 years. In October after the worst pregnancy ever I gave birth to a beautiful little boy and had my tubes tied. Currently I am doing ok. My marriage is doing better, my kids are the best things to ever happen to me and I think I am getting a grasp on things. I have days where I do everything right and days where I just forget and don’t do anything. I still have plenty of downs and I visit the hospital about every 3 months due to my diabetes or because I seem to be lucky enough to get the flu or some infection that really knocks things out of whack. My latest was a case of shingles (yes I am only 28). I figure I got it because I seem to have a way to stress myself out and the fact that I have a terrible immune system due to diabetes.

That is my story so far. I am not perfect and realize that my diabetes never will be but it can get better.

thankx for sharing - i have had mine for 11-12yrs i don’t know the day but I know i was called out of wrestling practice on a friday to rush to the doc to get a crash course on how to make it through the weekend with giving shots and testing my blood (i think my first blood work found me at close to 500) after a yr i went on a pump and have been since then because 4+ shots a day sucked hard- my A1c has never dipped below 8.4 and i workout all the time so i fight lows a lot which then seems krazy that i have such a bad A1c. i to was in a rebellious stage when i was diagnosed. now at 26 with a wife and looking at adoption of 6 and 7 yr old boys i try really hard to be “under control” but Tali control is something out of my control I where a MM pump and CGM and test 5-6 times a day- thats my nutshell thankx for yours

Thanks for sharing! I would love to be on a pump and one day I hope it happens. I tried on right after I was diagnosed and it didn’t go well (granted I was 18 and more concerned at how I looked then how healthy I was). I think now being a bit more mature and ready for it, it would go better. I currently take 4+ shots a day. It sucks but its what I have to do right now. While getting married helped get me back on track having kids really did it. I look into their faces every day and they smile and I know I have be healthy so I can live a long time and watch them grow. Kids are like that.

Welcome to the club. Won’t find many snob in here.