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hi everybody :slight_smile:
I’d like to start a discussion about the best protein replacement You’ve got to know, discavered or sombody - a friend, diabetologist etc. - recommended You
maybe You could put it in some recipes or so on, anyway - be helpful !!!
I wish everybody better results in treatment through this New Year :slight_smile:

I made southwestern tofu burgers today from all vegan ingredients. The recipe I used was from the Vegan Table. The main ingredients were tofu and vegetarian refried beans with some vegetables. I think there might be copyright issues if I wrote the recipe here. There are a lot of good recipes on Cadry’ like garbanzo bean tacos. has a lot of free recipes as well. I made one of veganimicon’s mushroom, wild rice, lentil soup recipes which Cadry recommended on her blog. Having a handful of nuts with my breakfast is helpful sometimes. They go well in oatmeal or can accompany just about any type of food. Cashews in sauteed green beans for example. Hummus is good as a substitute for cheese in some dishes. Sauteed tempeh is good in schawarmas. Tofu is good in spring rolls.

I’ve heard gardien(i think that is right) is good, but I mostly eat beans, lentils, nuts, and some whole grains for protien. I find most people even vegans eat more than the rda of protien any way. my rd told me once i needed no more than 45-60g a day.

Tofu is probably one of my favorites…and as a twist I’ve really gotten into freezing tofu…which changes it’s texture a lot… into something more like a sponge.

ooo, this is very interesting :smiley: I do that with a cottage cheese, the texture changes in the granules then

I think you’re right. But unfortunately, beans and peas also contain lots of carbohydrates in our misfortunes :/, but the rest is good and important
take care Krystal

I love the recipe of mushroom, wild rice, lentil soup, its delicious :smiley:
and the oatmeal for breakfast is pretty good solution, lots of fibres etc.
be good Sarah :slight_smile:

I’m going to have to try that!

Hi all,

I am newly diagnosed vegan Type 2 (as far as I know so far) but don’t really need to lose weight as I am already skinny. I have getting advice from others in other areas of the forum. Many look down on veg/vegan diets for diabetics. Well, I am determined to try to stay as vegan as I can. The protein is a problem a guess - although I never worried about it before this! A suggestion would be to look into vegan protein meal replacements. Today I bought a Peaceful Planet one - only 8 carbs and 2 sugars and 14 g of protein. It can get expensive for these I guess but there is no way in the world I will go back to eating meat! I am willing to loosen up on my veganism if I need to (although I still think the vegan diet is the best one for health) but I will be having my protein meal for breakie tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it does. I just started taking Metformin but so far my sugars are in very good control (of course I feel like all I am eating is veggies!) for just starting. I did eat some real cheese for the first time in 5 years today. But I feel guilty having it so I am having a small cube a day which has 6g of protein (this is the rennetless kind) and I am hoping to just do this temporary until I get my strength up and my sugars well controled (I got too dehydrated a week ago and need fluids so I still recovering). So along with my protein meal that is 20g of protein day which I think is pretty good because most people eat more protein than they need.

I hear alot of conflicting info on soy and diabetes so I have been avoiding it. although I did get me some carb free Smart Bacon today - does have a few grams of protein in it too. But I need more variety than veggies, hummus, nuts and peanut butter which is pretty much what I have been living off of. (I miss my fruits!).

I think I am just going to test the soy on myself and decide for myself whether or not I am OK. If it doesn’t raise my blood sugar than why should it be bad as long as I don’t eat too much of it?

I’M a year late replying to this - but I have a good excuse, i just joined. LOL
As you said, beans and peas have a lot of carbs, so I have to be careful not to eat too much of my favotite veg soup maker., AMYs. My doc just took me off all meds except thyroid and 10 mg lisiniprile, because the latest lab report showed elevated liver enzymes and kidney problems.

Therefore I have no meds for high lipids or DM and can’t count on help with carby protein like beans. We live in an assisted living facility and can’t cook (only have a micro - by the looks of it probably the first one manufactured 50 years ago) Any suggestions for easy non-animal protein sources would be welcome. thanx