Transmitter low battery?

my animas vibe was vibrating at me. i look thinking im high. which i am but it didnt vibrate me for that. it said what the pic said. so should i contact the company i get my sensors from? ill contact my diabetes nurse educator as well. figured i keep her in the loop. so what exactly does that mean? ive had the transmitter since oct/nov.

Hi Amy,
Your battery is almost finished. For the Dexcom G4, 6 months is the expected transmitter battery duration, and if you have been using it since October you have reached that.

It may last another week or so, but not too much longer. Hurry and contact the supplier that ships your sensors. They can get you hooked up.

And do me a favor - when you start using the new sensor battery, mark in your calendar 5 months from that date to remind you to order a new one!

And, BTW, greetings to Taranga!

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How much does a transmitter (battery) cost? Where are you? I am in Canada, I think the transmitter (battery) cost $500 here.


i wished they last longer than 6 months. so once i get a new one that would be sept. once i get the new one ill have to mark the date. i hope it will last a week as i just started a new sensor. i messaged the place i get my sensors from and hope they will help me out. if i need to contact dexcom i will and hope they can send one asap. my life depends on the cgm. and ill give rubs to taranga from you :slight_smile:

im i the USA. and i have no idea. im on medicare and medicaid. i have no money to put towards a new one anyways.

I am sure Dexcom would sell you one. But do you get them from mcaid or mcare? I think that’s the route to go. They are expensive otherwise.

BTW, listen to what Tim tells you. He knows what he’s talking about.

@Amy2 - Does all your Dexcom equipment (sensors and transmitters) come from the same place as all your pump supplies? Was this all a package deal from Animas including the pump, the supplies, as well as the Dexcom transmitter and sensors?

my sensors comes from a local company. the transmitter (the second one after i got the first one) not sure where it came from. im pretty sure through the company i deal with for my sensors. they have been great to me. i was recommended to go through them. then i found another supplier for my pump supplies when the one i was using went to edgepark. i messaged the rep at the local company to see what they can do for me.

@Amy2 - The best place to request the Dexcom transmitter is the same place that you already know provides your Dexcom sensors. Be sure to specify you need the:
Dexcom G4 Transmitter

Otherwise they could easily make a mistake and send the G5. Do not mention the G5 on the phone and get them confused. But be sure to specify you want the:
“Dexcom G4 Transmitter”


ill be getting a new one in 3-5 days. i double checked with her to see if its the G4 to make sure she is sending the right one. she said that i did get the transmitter from them (the company i get my sensors from). hopefully ill hear from her by the end of the day today. i just hope my current transmitter will last that long! i worry that it wont then im in mystery land on where my levels are.

You do have a BG meter, right? You never should rely on just one piece of equipment.

If your CGM fails, you have a meter. If your pump fails, you have syringes or a pen, and a basal insulin.

Do you have backups for everything?

Tell me which of these you have:

  • BG meter
  • test strips
  • syringes or pen
  • rapid insulin
  • basal insulin

Those are the bare minimum for what you should have in your house Amy!

Sorry, not related to your transmitter battery, just a side note.

i have my meter :slight_smile: i never check my levels based on the cgm. i do have my meter as well but i like that i can see where i am trending. makes it easy to when i should double check my levels, etc. i have all of the back up stuff as well :D, if my pump fails its most likely the infusion set. that is how it was in the past :slight_smile:

If you are without a CGM for whatever reason, doing 2 BG tests about 30 minutes apart can also give you a trend. That’s how it used to be done in the way-back caveman days. :wink:

interesting…never thought to do that. i just like having my cgm lol…i feel naked without it. but thats a good idea.



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LMAO! i had a feeling that would come out somewhere

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Just out of interest, a G4 transmitter is warrantied for 6 months, isn’t it? If this one has been in use since October, that’s only 5 months, so it’s still under warranty. I know in this particular case @Amy2 doesn’t pay out of pocket, but even if she did, Dexcom should replace the transmitter for free, shouldn’t they?

Many people here say they get about a year out of their transmitter, so it sounds like this one could be defective.

its saying that it needs to be replaced…i had one in july that ended up being replaced as it was defective. that was in oct. so now this one is saying to be replaced.

It would depend on the exact start date as well, saying it needs to be replaced is only a warning so it would also depend on when it actually stopped. We usually got about 9 or 10 months from a G4 transmitter.