Omnipod/Dex partnership

Dex rep told me they have their ap for fda on partner product, but they cannot submit to FDA until the next gen sensor is actually approved...

I suppose they will also have to wait till the smaller pods are approved too,

so have to have both devices individually approved before the combo device can even be submitted? Is that right?

anyone then have an eta for the combo device to hit the market?

Still waiting..


( for kennedy age 11)

What are the improvements coming in the Dexcom next generation sensor? Are there any improvements coming in the receiver as well?

Just curious,


Yes, individual approvals have to happen before the combo application. I'd say 3-6 years.

Wow. Everything takes so long. Interesting though!

Is there a sensor that you can use that you do not have to insert under your skin?
Is there a sensor that is not painful to insert?

Not sure, they are all hush hush, they are using in europe however, so you'd think we could track down some website, I think they call it the G4 in the animas vibe... ( so It doesn't actually have a controller)

No, sensors have to be inserted under the skin. However, it isn't painful Margaret. It is certainly intimdating. I for one always have to be lying down to have my blood drawn because I hate needles so much I almost feint most of the time, but the sensor insertion is truly a breeze. I would suggest talking to your CDE about doing a free trial to see if you like it.

My understanding from a very reliable source is that the next generation receiver will be much improved and the sensors will be even better. I was told that they expect FDA approval within the next 6 months.

Hope they are easier to put on. I have a lot of problems. Feels like a spike to me and often cannot get that dang transmitter attached. Gggrrr... At least I get 3 weeks out of it so not changing as often.

I agree. Feels like a spike going in. Thankfully they stay on almost 3 weeks.

If you are skinny it is painful. I read a post where someone puts the sensor on their arm. I my case it would go to my bone.

LOL. Skinniness not a prob for me. Just so 'spiky' and clumsy. Then trying to get the transmitter on is usually a hassle. I keep trying. Can't imagine getting one on my arm w/o a 'partner' to help. Sadly it usually me & the sensor struggling. Tummy just easiest for me.

let's be optimistic, that would be fantastic!!

i wonder if you could use emla cream, its a topical anesthetic we use to put iv's in kids, anyone know? i might try it for my 11 year old so we have a better chance of it not hurting! wow you are getting three weeks out of the sensors! that's great, what precentage of the time do you think the blood sugars are accurate? Just curious... and how often do you do fingersticks with the dex, do you still fingerstick premeal? or do you go off the dex readiong to bolus for lunch, I suppose breakfast and dinner you will definitely calibrate with those meals, but its the in between meals I'm curious about...

We use EMLA for every Dexcom insertion - haven't had any problems.

The sensor is not that long, and at an angle. My son is small and he wears his where "love handles" would be if he had them, and we use numbing cream and he hasn't had any problems with pain.

My 2 year old wears the Dexcom on his arm, and he's the skinniest kid I know to boot (only 5th percentile for weight). Finding sites on this kid for Dex AND his pump is like looking for buried treasure. He almost never complains about the Dex site insertion, and the rare times he cries it's literally for a couple of seconds. The wire is so thin and flexible, it's really not an issue.

I have learned so much from all of you, thanks.