New Type 1 Measuring Small at 8 Weeks


I was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetic two weeks ago, 10 days after finding out I was pregnant for the first time. Today I’ve been for my first scan - thinking I am 8 weeks 2 days but told the embryo is measuring 6.5 weeks (we saw a heartbeat and blood flow). Has anyone else experienced this or know if it is normal - I am finding it very hard to work out whether things are caused by the high blood sugar I must have had at conception (I was 8.7 Hba1c when I was diagnosed) or if they’re a regular part of a type 1 pregnancy. I feel like i ovulated mid cycle so doubt it’s not linked. I’m worried that things have already gone very wrong even though the insulin quickly bought my sugars into the range my consultant wanted. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

I was not diabetic when I had my third child, but I thought I was further on than I actually was. The baby was born a month late, although the midwives I had for home birth before I moved, were convinced the baby was not so far along. She was born quite normally and is now in her late 40s, hale and hearty.
Good luck!

I am a Type 1 for almost 25 years. I have a child who is about to turn 16 and is completely healthy. I was completely out of control with my blood sugars when I found out I was pregnant with my child. I can’t remember the exact number but I know my A1C was way higher than what yours was. So don’t stress out about that. The most important thing for you to do is see a specialist for Type 1’s. I currently see an Endocrinologist. But, back then I was referred to a high risk pregnancy specialist along with my Endocrinologist. Don’t let that scare you just realize you need to keep in the best control possible with your blood sugars and make sure you go to all of your appointments. These specialist know what they are doing and will help you through it all.

Back then I didn’t have the technology that I do now. I have a Dexcom CGM that monitors my blood sugar constantly and an insulin pump. These are definitely helpful tools. I think my Dexcom is the best piece of technology though. You need to monitor your blood sugar as much as possible to avoid extreme lows and highs. I’m not sure what type of treatment your doctor is giving you though. I had a lot of issues with lows because my hormones were going crazy and my blood sugar was higher so my doctor kept increasing my insulin. So discuss with your doctor what to do if you have a high or low. I had a blood sugar over 300 and my doctor sent me to be monitored until my number was lower. With the low blood sugars make sure you always have juice or something to treat the lows.

Also, I was in a really stressful relationship at the time. Definitely try to avoid stress because that can make your blood sugars go higher. I definitely thank God for getting me through that bad relationship and having my healthy baby.

Please post any questions you have. This site has a lot of information and I’m sure a lot of more recent Type 1 pregnancy people will be able to help.

Yes, I have also heard that the actual conception date is not always right. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet too. That can affect size. I don’t like eating meat so I had a hard time making sure I had enough protein. I forced myself to eat more chicken though. :slight_smile:

I know a lot of people, including non-diabetics, who have measured behind at the first ultrasound and have gone on to have healthy babies. You could have conceived a little later than you thought and it implanted on the later side. With my first she measured about a week behind so they moved my due date back. With my (non-diabetic) sister’s second she measured about 1.5 weeks behind at 8 weeks and she’s now a healthy 7 month old.

It’s still very early and later ultrasounds are more accurate for measurements. Conception dates can be off and gestational ages are calculated based on a 28 day cycle which many women do not have. Right now focus on learning how to monitor and manage your blood sugars effectively so you can have the best outcomes possible. By the end of my pregnancy I had achieved an A1C of 5.4% and my daughter was born at 40w2d weighing 7lbs, 2oz and in perfect health. She’s now 6 years old :slight_smile:

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Thank you all - this has put my mind at ease a lot. It’s such a confusing time finding these two things out at basically the same time, especially not knowing which symptoms are due to what as it’s my first pregnancy too :confused: