New Website to Track Stats


Well - It was only time until someone completed a system that allows you to track your sugar online. Not only can you track your stats, but also share them with your community. What’s nice about this concept is that maybe, just maybe this will be a method to help me keep focused on my readings when everyone else can see them too!! Check it out.


Dave -

Sugarstats is excellent - and this from a longtime non-logger. And you’re right about having another set of eyes looking at them - it’s a great help.

  • Nicole


Marston, the brains behind SugarStats, is one of our members here:

SugarStats indeed rocks! I totally endorse it myself. Here is a video testimonial I posted about it:


I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but I totally agree it rocks! I’m much better at logging my sugars on the computer than in a logbook, and really allows tracking of everything that impacts the numbers.