SugarStats: If you haven't tried it, give it a shot


SugarStats, a web-based diabetes management tool that was put together by Marston (one of our members) is incredibly useful to help you be on top of your values and eating habits.

Here’s a video I uploaded about it, and a photo showing my BG trends over the last 30 days, since I started using it.

DO give it a shot and help Marston spread the word about it.


Je Je Je! Give it a shot! VERY funny! But seriously, it looks fantastic! And the best part (well-not the best part, but a very nice part!) is that, for a limited time, they are offering FREE forever memberships! You can even share your info with your healthcare team and they can add comments. AND I saw something in a sidebar about downloading your meter, so I am hoping that might be an option!! Mil besos, Manny!