SugarStats: If you haven't tried it, do!

I wanted to pause for a second to let those members who still haven’t given SugarStats a try to do so.

SugarStats, the brainchild of TuDiabetes member Marston Alfred “makes it simple to track, monitor and share your blood sugar levels and other key statistics to help you manage your diabetes online.” (quoting from the web site)

Recently, Marston added functionality to allow SugarStats users to enter BG values over mobile browsers.

Today, Marston launched support for Twitter (which I LOVE!) -my twitter username is askmanny, in case anyone wants to connect over it.

If you haven’t used it, do. We have a growing group of SugarStats users who are also part of a Group here: So if you begin using SugarStats, make sure to join the group here in TuDiabetes.

Thanks, Marston for such an incredible tool, man!

This is close to what I want, but I’m greedy. As I have said on my podcast, I want my online log to cover everything, including e-mail notification, Jaiku, Twitter, Facebook, and Ning integration, plus logging of other things, plus integration with an online med database.

I guess I’m just greedy, but this site is a huge start!

I use an UltraSmart as well, but I also want to import that data, track sleeping, plus send messages to other friends. I’m actually working on a perl script that will import the CSV files the OneTouch CMS software exports.


Instead of importing from the export … is there any way to build something to take the information from the meter and move it directly to the site?

I have not looked to see if they make those apis available.