New xmtr before it’s time

I’m within my last ten days for my xmtr. My “instruments” (iPhone Tslim app, the pump itself, etc) all say the xmtr battery is ok. I’ve seen msgs in the past from my Dexcom CGM G6 app saying “do not put in a new xmtr till you’re told to”, or words to that effect.

Ok. Got it.

But I also know that at the moment and off and on during the current G6 session (I’m on day 7 today) the sensor has basically stopped detecting anything at all. Right now, I’ve had BG numbers in the 40s and three —- for nearly an hour. Calibrations in the 115-125 range haven’t even been accepted by the pump since they’re so far from what the sensor has told the pump my BG is.

I’d bet the xmtr battery is just so close to conking out entirely that I should just switch sensors now and put in the new battery even though I haven’t finished my ten-day session and I haven’t been told yet to put in the new xmtr.

Since at this point I haven’t actually stopped the current session and done anything, I don’t KNOW if I’ll just get the usual “put in new xmtr” msg once I stop the current session and start a new one even before the 10 days are up. I also don’t KNOW if, when I do put in a new xmtr before the “system” expects me to, if I’ll screw up the electronics keeping track of what’s going on.

I’m also not sure if, since the system doesn’t expect me to insert a new xmtr yet, it won’t let me insert and pair the new xmtr ID when I try to.

Am I worrying too much about trying to do what the electronics are telling me and ignoring what my common sense is telling me? I don’t want a premature insertion of a new xmtr to screw up the diagnostic messaging the sensor and pump expect to tell me. But my gut says “it’s broke, so fix it!”

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It IS broke. So fix it. I rarely pay attention to what the g6 transmitter says because it is often totally wrong. I keep track of it myself. Replacing the transmitter early has absolutely no effect on the pump nor the CGM.

Dexcom gives you instructions on how to replace a transmitter early in the user guide
Page 218

Manually: Start New Transmitter and Sensor before current
Transmitter Expires
Tap Settings > Transmitter > Pair New
Then follow instructions on the screen to:
• Stop your sensor (if you haven’t already)
• Enter the new transmitter SN and new
sensor code
• Insert new sensor and attach new
transmitter (find step by step instructions
in sensor box)
• Start the 2-hour sensor warmup

CGMs can be wrong so maybe its the battery or maybe one of the many other things that cause a G6 to be way off. If you want to you can go ahead and replace the sensor and transmitter.

Thank you both for this.

I would go ahead and contact Dexcom about this. I would expect them to send you a replacement for both the xmtr and the sensor. They’re usually good about that.

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I have over the years never had a Tx just up and fail early. It’s easy enogh to to mark on your calandra when installed and 90 days later. I have always got notification as when 3 weeks and 2 weeks are left. Depending on sensor replacement I may replace the Tx a week or two early