Some Dexcom excitement!

I replaced my Dexcom G6 sensor today… but not without some unexpected excitement!

I inserted the sensor as usual, then snapped in the transmitter as usual. I opened the Dexcom app on my iPhone… but instead of the usual “New sensor” button, I saw “I have a new transmitter.” I then remembered that the system had been warning me that my transmitter was going to expire soon, but (A) I thought I had one more session left, and/or (2) I forgot!

So here I am with the old transmitter in place. To remove it according to the approved procedure, I’d have to remove the sensor as well, putting me 10 days behind schedule on sensor supplies.

But fortunately I’ve been a faithful reader of this forum and others, and I realized there might be a better way. So I dug out a couple thin credit cards… and sure enough, I was able to pop the old transmitter out pretty easily! which surprised me, as I hadn’t done that before. I popped in the new one, and all was well.

Thanks to all of you who have posted directions for this!



I was able to get dexcom G6 through local pharmacy, and use Costco (starting this year).
They just check that it is 88+ days from prior fill, and I pick up next day.

Dexcom is actively trying to get insurance and patients to switch to pharmacy. I know one user mentioned they use Walgreens, from another town, and it is shipped to them.

Here is dexcom checker to see if your insurance plan may support pharmacy for purchase, or you can call dexcom to check.
May reduce frustration at reorder time!!

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I had my first transmitter change two months ago. I totally messed it up and had to do this very same thing.I was glad I had researched som eof this before this all happened! Thanks to this forum!

I had a new sensor go into failure lockup almost immediately after startup. It was the middle of the day (I usually start sensors in evening/nite). So I removed the transmitter and restarted. The restarted sensor worked and ran well through all 10 days.

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I also did this because I thought if I was starting a new sensor with a transmitter that had time on it I was ok. But it didn’t fire up because the transmitter would expire during that 10 day run. So I called Dexcom and they walked me through the timing and sent me a new one.
Just this last transmitter switch over, I was talking with the tech and asked again about getting close to the end of transmitter & I didn’t want to mess it up, so she said, if I had questions before starting a sensor & not being sure if the transmitter would still work, to just call and they can work it out. My feeling here, this is what they are there for. If you have a question, call and ask.

I had the same problem recently when I put in a new transmitter since the old one was giving me low battery signs in losing signal. I also had a warning that it would expire shortly. But the procedure for installing a new transmitter is a little different than just putting it into a new sensor. So after my two hour warm up I got the message that my sensor had failed. Since Medicare only allows you three sensors a month, this becomes a concern if you have to replace it. Fortunately when I called tech support after some discussion they were able to figure out a way for me to restart the sensor with the new transmitter paired so it all worked out. Tech-support said in the future when ever I’m putting in a new transmitter it might be wise to call them for help to make sure it is done in a way to allow the sensor to work correctly

Did you wait 30 minutes or 45 before restarting the sensor???

For any restart, I wait at least 15 minutes before restarting. I don’t remember exactly waiting time for this particular restart.