New Year - New "Me"!

My goal last spring was to lose 20-25 lbs by the end of the year, which would bring my dress size down, considerably. What I did not know was just “how much” my dress size would decrease, but I knew that I wanted a “new wardrobe” by my birthday – January 7. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Indeed! I lost enough weight (20 lbs) to get out of a size 20 Womens dress size to a size 18W by summer’s end, and another dress size by the end of the year - a 16- Womens! And, through all of the debilitating pain in my low back (disc herniation), and other physical challenges, God blessed me with this most pleasant surprise by my birthday (Jan 7)! My glucose remains a 6.4, and other numbers are good, but spinal problems have curtailed all exercising until I’m cleared by my new neurosurgeon next month. Wish me “luck”. :o)

Wow! Congratulations, nice work! Belated happy birthday to you, I guess you’re off to go shopping again huh =) Had the same problem for a year when I had problems with my lumbar 4 and 5…but after intense therapy, I was back in the exercising business!

Hello! My problem stemmed from being inactive when I retired from military service (Dec 31, 1998) and the inability to do very much except to attend classes, go to the library, and study: I returned to finish an old degree, and did so in Dec 1999, and graduated in Jan 2000; I immediately entered graduate school, and was even sicker than I’d ever been, plus very little exercise. No doctor was intelligent or concerned enough to recognize that I was “pre-diabetic”, prior to my retiring from military service! I could’ve died, just by not knowing what was wrong with me! From there, I dealt with Fibromyalgia, not knowing that I had that problem, either! Ended up having to use a cane from 2002-2006, and pain beyond belief stopped me from doing many things. Exercise? Not! With the inactivity came the weight gain, esp. along with the steroid injections! My life was in a physical “mess” until just around 2003 when a nutritionist showed me that I’d lost 29 lbs, just by getting rid of the white flour, white sugar, white bread, white rice, and diet sodas! Those things (diet sodas), are addictive, to say the least. When I got the 29-lb weight loss news, it “inflated” my ego to want to do even better; so, I set out to do what I could, in aquatic therapy, for several years. My spine has developed osteopenia (found out in late summer 2010), which I’m “fighting” with “elemental calcium”, not just the regular calcium, plus the rest of the “cocktail” of magnesium and Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). I am on cloud nine, but alterations are costing me a nice “penny”; reducing the clothes seems to be problematic for the seamstress that I currently have. On January 5th, I spent $800 on a few things (not too expensive, 'cause things were on sale). This was my starting point – two suits, and a couple of blouses. I’m holding off with more shopping because of the seamstress problem, and, I received a sewing machine for my birthday! :o) Planning to “learn” all over again, just by running straight seems on my gym clothes. :o) Hope to hear from you again.

Congrats on the weight loss, that is so wonderful:) and down sizes and shopping, can’t even get better than that:)

Fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed with that in 2006… it did me in for yrs…I have days now, but at least it it much better.
I too have spine troubles, I have has Osteopenia for a long time, I have spurs on my spine, and gaps, and DDD so bad…So I have to say it sounds like your doing good, so keep your focus:) And a Happy Birthday to you also:) and wishes for many good yrs ahead:)


Thank you, Karen. I’ve set a new goal and only hope that the disc herniation and knee problems do not hamper me much. The goal I’ve set is to get another dress size off, even if it takes all year to do it, and, only if the “problems” don’t hinder me; otherwise, I’m cutting down at least 300-400 calories a day and jumping on the treadmill for as long as I can stand it (no less than 20 min. to start), and when I can. Disc problems will knock even the strongest-willed person off his or her feet, until the agitation and irritation go away. Destination? To see a size 14W by year’s end. After that, the size 12 – no “w”. lol

Anna, how does the Fibromyalgia affect you theses days? I have Fibro also. Has some yrs of being in a wheel chair and a cane. It was a horrible time for me. I am thankful that some how it got better. I have some days I feelso much pain all over, but I find the strength to keep on fighting. Life has been a fight with health. I know so many other have had this and some worse too.
Well God Willing and I mean that with all my heart, this will be the yr all your wishes and dreams come true:) Good health, or better health:) Debbie

doubly impressive

This morning, I was physically able to get back out there and walk, even though I took my T-top cane for support (mental and physical). God blessed me to get better “in the pain department”, w/spine issues, treated by physical therapy for the past 3-4 weeks, and I do believe, an “iron will” that’s hard to penetrate. :o) To have my A1c to creep back up b/c of lack of exercise would be a real “bummer”, esp. after all of the “work” put into losing those 20 lbs in 8 months; changing my diet even more; and, implementing the “practice good sleep” hygiene, all of which helped me w/weight loss. Anyway, my daily glucose readings have been OK; if I eat carbs, I try to eat them early in the day. Learning about adding “vinegar” to my salad and EVOO, and what “Balsamic” vinegar does to help with glucose levels (twice a day). “Dealing” w/spine issues that a Bone Density Test (Dexa Scan) revealed, I’ve got a positive outlook about keeping Osteopenia at bay; have “religiously” taken my “cocktail” of Calcium (Elemental), Vitamin D3, and Magnesium, twice a day, plus other supplements, and believe that by taking supplements (other than these), was another way that my numbers were lowered: Our bodies, as we age, loses levels of hormones and other things (amino acids, etc.); eating right helps and so does supplementation. What is “my” job? To do all that I can do so that I can live as healthy as I possibly can, for however long that God has planned for me to live. Gotta put “dis” “ease” out of my life - eradicate it as much as I possibly can, even in “simple” ways that I live from day to day.