Emptying closet of the clothes i can’t wear anymore…

FYI, yes you can loose weight too
Here’s me wearing my pants that were TIGHT on me January 2008. They are a size 22. Now I wear a size 12
6 more sizes to go! (Bout 30lbs) (Note: I can fit into a size 11 now but they are hard to find)

How am i doing it? Changed my diet at first stopped the fast food and cooked rounded meals at home. Now i’m working out and eating cooked meals at 1200 cals a day.

My work out videos are:
Ellen Barrett’s pilate videos
Biggest Loser Power Blast
Biggest Loser Cardio

Last week I joined a gym.

Advice? Just do it. Really. Get off that fat patootie and do it. Or you’ll be in my shoes and be told it’s do or die.

Way to go! Thanks for sharing your success story!

Go Natasha!

amazing! congratulations, i’m sure you have inspired many people :slight_smile:

That is truly commendable Natasha! Congratulations on your success you are an inspiration

Awesome! You are an inspiration!

U go girl!!

Wow!! Good job! You have a lot of discipline. A Big Congrats to you Natasha.

Awsome! I have been there, and still doing that. But, for the record, I was not wearing ladies apparel.

Congratulations!! I’m also in the process of losing weight - I’ve lost 44lbs so far in 5 months and have gone down 3 dress sizes. The way I’m doing it is just eating less and exercising (4 hours a week) - and I still treat myself to a McDonald’s/KFC/other junk on weekends!!!

That is wonderful! What a lot of work and determination!

WOW, that is so Cool. You should be very proud of yourself. This is the type of sory you read about on

keep up the awesome work! (i know how good it feels, losing about 60lbs and going from a tight 18 to a very loose 16-btw, I could wear a 12 but i have a very big butt!)