Newbie going crazy with the "Up & Down"!

Hi All,
I am new to this forum and to Diabetes (Type 2 I think). Taking Metformin, Glmepiride, & Januvia, but BS always 130-150’s first thing in the am. BS goes down after meals, but seems to go too low. Just how often are people having to eat to maintain normal levels? I’m used to eating 1 meal a day before all this started last month, so all this eating is still a struggle. Does the 5 small meals every 3 hours thing work for anyone? I’m doing the “eat to the meter” and watching carbs behaviors I learned here, but I’ve just kind of plateaued with the same typical BS #'s that are either too high, too low or high end normal only right before I’m getting ready to eat again (and mess it up again)! The logic just isn’t here.


I’m type 1, which watch out for as 40% of us are misdiagnosed as type 2’s at first.

But the morning is easily explainable by what we call DP Dawn Phenomenon. It’s a release of hormones before you get out of bed in “preparation” of getting ready for the day. It can vary person to person or not at all. As a type 1 we take extra insulin for it. I’m sure some type 2’s will be along to help you more how to deal with it. I think one of the solutions is sometimes a small snack before bedtime.

As for dropping too low, if you are not on insulin, probably too high or too much medication doses. Especially if you have changed your diet.


Hi @Eugenia, and welcome! Personally I don’t eat 5 meals a day. 2 meals, breakfast and an afternoon “dinner” with 2 or 3 snacks as needed. This seems to fit my body and metabolism.

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Good morning , are you seeing a GP as those are a lot of meds to be on first. So you might want to see an endo. I am a type 2, eat 3 meals, make lunch a salad, supper is protein and vegetables. I eat a 15 carb snack after I exercise in the morning. Exercise is also an important part of keeping numbers in control. I do water aerobics and walk, splitting my walking am& pm. Welcome to the list. Nancy50

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I agree with Marie20. No, you shouldn’t have to eat all the time. Something is messed up.

However, your numbers will fluctuate. Thats a fact of life. What numbers are you feeling comfortable with right now? Whats your goal?


Yes, my PCP put me on Metformin & Januvia, then the next week, Glmepirde when I turned up at her office the following week in a panic (couldn’t see to do my job anymore, spent hundreds on now useless glasses). A1C was 9.5 when I started Rx’s. I will definitely take your advice about getting an endo. Went to a Diabetes education class today and having been Dx with IGT like 10 years ago (around the time i had Pancreatic cancer removed)I honestly can’t help but feel swindled out of life expectancy/quality of life because “just eat healthy” didn’t cut it for me.

Thanks all for the great info and advice!

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As a 10 year well controlled T2 yes after diagnosed with an AIC of 12. BG levels where all over the place, but once I consistently did low carb, my numbers were stable.

Which to me means consistency, same food amount, same time no cheats.


Think I just might be starting to figure this out…5 days in a row < 120, woohoo! :smile:


Here are two systems with a high degree of success with putting T2D into remission. Both are medically supervised and use a low carbohydrate way of eating to reach their goals.

Virta Health has published the outcomes of a two-year study that used their protocol.

Here are one year Virta Health outcomes.

Many have accomplished placing T2D into remission implementing their tactics on their own.

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Hello Eugenia,
on your next blood panel get an OGTT for 4 or 5 hour with insulin measurements taken at the same time. The results of this test will be fairly conclusive.

A diabetic has to severely limit carbs and protein intake because not only does blood sugar spike but also insulin, however, if you are type one of course there will be no insulin spike and you will need to take insulin later.

Talk to your doctor/health practitioner and get the above test to determine which class of diabetes you have. Also on the same test get your A1c, triglycerides, HDL, blood pressure, ALT and AST.

Let us know how it works out.

Talk to your doctor/health practitioner and get the above test to determine which class of diabetes you have

Thanks Jimmy
Do you know or is there any other way besides glucose test for determining class? That test sounds scary. I have had neuropathy symptoms for a couple years (not too bad yet, but didn’t know)and I know I will be slow to process. I have this vision of being stuck with super high glucose circulating,…giving problems for however days long. I know I need it though. Have follow up in December. I should be able to find out then, but #s are staying lower.

Hello Eugenia,
Normally the OGTT is performed for only 2 hours and without insulin measurements and by doing that if blood sugar drops off that means you are ok. Well not OK. what about insulin did that drop off too or not. You have to measure insulin and a 4 hour test is the only way to measure. Now if there is no insulin to measure right from the start you may be type 1 or 1.5. It is not a scary test, but time consuming.
The late Dr. Joseph Kraft wrote the book - Diabetes Epidemic and You - performed 14,384 - 5 hour insulin assays to determine diabetes.
Get this book at the library or go to my website and order from Amazon.
I do not know of any other tests other than the above procedure.
Hope this helps. Let me know how it works out.

Thanks Jimmy! I am reading Jenny Ruhl books I saw recommend on here, but will read that one right after.

Terry, thanks for those recommendations, as probably most you guessed, when I began testing every

1st then 2nd hour after eating really wasn’t giving me as much success as I thought I was having and think I’m just getting rescued out by rx things. I believe it may be time to get a CGS device to help figure all this out and see where that goes. PCP said A1C should be better by next visit, but I don’t think it will be as much as I was hoping for. Dealing with this is so much more a full time job than I expected even though this forum said it would be! :slight_smile:

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