News Flash: Florida is hot

I've been trying to be so good about walking at lunch time - but man! It's like a 100 degrees out there!

I was smart enough to bring a different shirt to work so I could change after I got all stinky and sweaty. It's nice to walk in the parks - everyone is happy and nobody pays any attention to you. Even though its a nice walk during lunch, it's not much of a workout. I'm going to ATTEMPT to take a walk with Harper and our 'new' jogging stroller in the hour before Terry gets home. But that's right after work and we will have to see how it goes - I do think that Harper would really like it though.

A long time ago I was actually a runner. I know, I can hardly believe it myself! I found that running was eventually easy and that it was a real calorie burner. But over the last year or so I think perhaps due to my pre-diabetes, I have to pee. A lot. All the time. Ugh. That makes it hard to just say that you are going to go out and run/walk for an hour. The people in the area tend not to like it when you have pee behind their bushes for some reason. ;) We will have to see if things get better after I lose some weight, I know that my normal digestion tends to when I do.

Today I had a breakfast bar, a granola bar as a snack, a LC for lunch, and I brought another 100 calorie pack of little cookies for my chocolate fix in the afternoon. Tonight for dinner Terry and I will be having some of the really good "White Lasagna" that I made for my book club last night. NOT very calorie friendly - but really good. Basically its like a regular one except with lots of veggies, chicken, cheese and alfredo sauce instead of tomato. It's ok though - we are only having one piece and a salad each. :)

BTW - here's a link to check out what I've been doing/eating for the day:

I'll let you know if the evening walk actually happens tomorrow....