It has been a hot summer in the Midwest. One of the things that keeps me going all day is knowing I can go swimming in the afternoon/evening. I swim laps so I get in a good workout. (People who are not great swimmers can try kickboarding. . . a great workout.)
Today I took part in a wonderful mile-long open water swim in a nearby lake . . . not too shabby for a PWD (or any person)! Feeling good this summer!

Good for YOU !!!! I swim, also, mostly because exercise makes you sweat and I hate to sweat! I have been swimming an average of 4 times a week since 1999....it keeps my bgs down, or at least in better control. AND no sweat!!!! YIPEE

Today I swam a mile for the 11th time this summer (on top of many shorter workouts). It has a been delightful swimming summer--never rained out! I'm sad that Labor Day is around the corner: the indoor pools are further away & have more restricted hours.
My goal for fall: to keep up my mile swims twice each month.

Wow! That's awesome! Swimming kills my BG (I've only been a few times, I've sort of shied away from triathlons due to this...just not worth the hassle...) and a mile swim is a great accomplishment!

Funny re exercise and diabetes, each of us reacts differently. Swimming brings down my BG, but not precipitously. The only exercise that does seem to bring me down quite quickly is cycling. If I'm out for a long ride, I bring the monitor and snacks.
Maybe the deal for me is that I'm a slow, steady swimmer. On the bike, I do alot of hills which is more intervals.

Great Deborah. I tried going swimming this summer and after not swimming for 20 years it was pretty much a disaster. No upper body strength any more. The city is going to enclose the pool after Labor Day. Maybe I will try again then. Great thing about the pool that it is only a block away from the house.

Start slowly. You could start with some kickboarding. Some times I do leg lifts etc at the pool wall.
I would imagine that starting off with a length, followed by a rest, and another length, etc would help someone re-gain strength. If you want to swim, I encourage you to try it for a few weeks.

Starting fall off right. Bought a pass for an indoor pool--just back from my first mile. Felt great.