News from Dexcom

Dexcom shares exciting news.

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When will the standalone Apple version be released though???!! :slight_smile:

No possible Apple partnership mentioned nor implied.

This is simply another mention of the Dexcom direct to Apple Watch which has been discussed and expected for a long time now. Still no timetable only “soon”.

Currently to get Dexcom cgm data to the Apple Watch, the data must first go from the Dexcom Transmitter to the Apple Phone. The Phone then relays the data to the Watch.

What is has been announced quite some time back (from Dexcom) and what has still not been delivered is software from Dexcom that will allow the data to go direct from the Dexcom Transmitter to the Apple Watch with no need for the phone to be in the middle of the data stream.


Exactly! This has been available for a few years now on Android with xDrip+ and I really miss this capability for running/exercise since I switched to Loop with the Dexcom app on iPhone :frowning:

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This article could also be about the dime sized disposable extended wear cgm or contact lense cgm that Dexcom is working on with Verily (an Alphabet subsidiary).


That whole title didn’t make sense to me. Alphabet has nothing to do with Apple, DOES IT? I thought Alphabet was Google, and well, Apple was Apple! Dex works on Androids, or so I thought! I just use the PDM that came with it and it’s perfect for me. Maybe I’m missing something here?? I admit, I am the least educated of you ALL about all these DMEs!

Nope. I do not believe you are missing anything.