Next Gen OmniPod PR Video

Funny, when the video was running and someone stated "to show the world their disease state". Wow I never considered it that way! I have diabetes, never thought of it as a disease!!

40+ years and going strong.

Becky Fischer
Dallas, TX

what do you think diabetes is, type 1 is an autoimmune disease.

So when are we supposed to get the new omnipod system??

Yes, I know.... Trust me I do know. Sorry if I offended anyone.... It just took me off guard.

I spoke with Insulet and they said it looked like April.

I just ordered a new system with the smaller pods and should have it next week. maybe it's different for new customers?

Looks like it from what I've read. New customers will see it before people who have been on the Omnipod already.

Thanks for posting, Erik.