Next Generation Dexcom

Has anyone heard of any recent updates on Dexcom’s next generation sensors and their work with Verily?

The Verily device has Generation 1 and Generation 2. Dexcom plans for the Verily Gen 1 sound sound questionable. It will not be surprising for the Verily Gen 1 to be shelved and never released. It is possible that Dexcom might decide the Verily Gen 2 makes the most sense for the first Verily product release.

Steve Pacelli of Dexcom:

Additionally, with respect to our product collaboration with Verily, we continue to consider options to utilize the first generation system and we’ve shifted significant resources to the second-generation device, which is on track for a late 2020 or early 2021 commercial release.


That’s unfortunate. Do you think they will make any updates to the G6 prior to the release of the Verily generation sensor?

Dexcom has already announced a new adhesive in the pipeline for the G6 sensor. After that, they want to go to a 14-day wear (from the current 10-day) on the G6 sensor.
My expectation is minimal changes to the G6 past that.
Dexcom has announced the product will be split into two lines. The Verily is not going to replace the G6. The G6 is expected to be followed by the G7 which will be a parallel track to the Verily devices.

Dex CEO in response to a Q re 14 day G6 wear:

We have new adhesive in the pipeline that’ll be coming out in the not too distant future. We wouldn’t, for example, go to an extended wear until we have the new adhesive into our manufacturing processes to get better stick them on the product.

where’d u find that quote, Tim? And why don’t they just use the G5 adhesive??

Sorry - I should have said.

Dexcom 2018 Q3 earnings report conference call

Transcript from Seeking Alpha

When we extended the G5, we would need to apply more tape over it anyway. We would typically get 12 or 13 days out of the G5 sensor. Based on good data. The tape itself would usually last about 9 or 10 days. So, extra tape would let us go maybe another 3 days before the data signal became no good. Obviously very unique to the individual as I know some people go far far longer on a single G4/G5 sensor.

awesome. reading it now…

" I can tell you that we have more G6 users than we have G5, and G6 sensors accounted for a larger percentage of our sensor volumes than G5 did in this quarter, but there’s still quite a few G5 patients out there as transmitters have to expire and as the Medicare patients use the system"

I didn’t realize they have more G6 users than G5 already., WOW.

64% gross margins…

Thanks for all the information Tim!! Is the g7 going to be a much smaller design and have the transmitter/sensor combined and disposable? Any chance of a shorter warmup period as the Libre has a 1 hour warmup? Any idea when Dexcom might release the G7?

I know nothing about the G7. Not even any hints.
Only the fact (as of now - always subject to change) that Dexcom intends to move in two directions - both the G7 and the Verily with the one line not killing the other.

The difference would have to be accuracy between the two lines then right?


Perhaps this is some of it. My understanding is the product lines will be targeted towards different categories of users.

I use skin-tac on my sensor tape before inserting it. I can go a full 2 weeks without it coming off. No extra tape required. This includes (4) 30 minute swimming events and at least (4) 15 minute sauna sessions during the two weeks. I use the skin-tax on my infusion set tape too.

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Gee, now they are taxing our skin? (Remember the Beatles song, ‘Taxman’?)