Nice D quotes?

wen im feeling bad about anything i like 2 write down a couple of sentences it kinda makes me feel better :slight_smile:
so i was wondering does anybody have any nice quotes or sayings about D??
my favourite one is “A little bit longer and I’ll be fine”

Tanx in advance

this site is awesome i dnt feel like im lonely anymore.

diabetics are just naturally sweeter!

Telling myself I have Diabetes works for me, or drawing Diabetes-related things. The things I tell myself when I feel down would most likely be something along the lines of, “You’re a Diabetic, you give yourself your own shots. You can do that better than a nurse or probably a doctor. How many people at my age can say that?” My mom doesn’t like me saying those things but still, they make me feel better. It puts me into a mood of being proud of my Diabetes and the “uniqueness” it puts on me(as if I wasn’t unique enough already… haha jk jk). That, or I joke about it, I tell myself that “my pancreas is just having an out of body experience”. : D

that is the ONLY song i will listen to by the JoBros. (:

i have a saying, it might sound emo, but its not, it almost sounds true in a way, but, it has become my way of life. anytime i feel down i just tell myself “You cant live life until you accept the fact that youre already dead.”

Sweet and Low by Augustana is apparently about Type1Diabetes…

Really? lol i LOVE that song. but i woulda never guessed it to be about type1 … guess i should start paying more attention to the lyrics and stuff xD i love to express myself with music. and that song would express me sooo much. You too? :smiley:

“Diabetes isn’t something that holds me down, but rather makes me stand up”. I tell myself that I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having diabetes. I am more aware because of it. I’ve had it for 11 years now and I always tell myself that it isn’t going to hold me back from anything.

btw that wasn’t my quote… i forget where I read it but i really love it.

it’s some thing i can live with…it’s just shots…i still have my hair…
how many kids can say that they get high off starbusts…
my pancreas just has a booboo!..

HAHA! i say that all the time xD
how many kids can say they get HIGH off of Skittles!!! lol (i say skittles not starbursts)
my friends and i like to joke like that too. i say im high and my friends understand but other people look at me like im crazy for announcing it xD

Tell me 5 things that are positive about having diabetes. What is the biggest worry?

lol i wear my shirt that says “i shoot up when im high. i have diabetes.” haha then alot of ppl dont see the second part about diabetes and they look at me weird :smiley:

Me too. (:

Love it Lise!!
Thanks :slight_smile:

I was reading another diabetics blog, and he actually said “what the fructose?!” Lol, my first thought was “only a diabetic would say such a thing…”