Ok Guys i'm pretty much a straight shooter and it seems that sometimes I offend ppl here but I want everybody to know that u have to shoot it straight or u might get someone's hopes up & we all know that we've been in the treanches and someone told us what "might get u to feeling better" or what might "cure ur diabetes" and I still look at it this way as a Type 1."once u have diabetes ur always a diabetic" no matter what.Even to the Type 2's who thing that doing away with alot of carbs they have eaten u still have to watch ur diet. Just getting this off my chest sorry if I offened any one.I don't know that much about the other Types out there b/c I've been fighting this battle since 73 when I was 10. Feeling sorry for myself didn't work at all & don't expect others to feel sorry for u. Just take it and go if u can at all. I mean in the long run u'll have to anyway.

I *never* refer to myself as "a diabetic". I have diabetes. It's probably sort of demented to make a big deal out of a somantic distinction but, to me, it's an important one. I try to be distracted enough that I don't let it get me down very much. Even when I have the wierd, echoey, hypo "woah, this is a dangerous place" feelings, I sort of blame it more on being stoned on insulin and try to fix it before I pass out? As John Maynard Keynes put it cheerily, "in the long run, we are all dead..."

Please just know that u MUST tell the Er that this is what u have, Kinda like my hubby with his heart troubles. Just be sure to tell the Dr and the ER what u have. The way I look at it I have diabetes it dosen't have me...........yet and not if I can help it.

I mean I prefer "I have diabetes" to "I AM diabetic". To me, the "AM" is ontological in nature so I avoid it. Like Descartes "I think therefore I am", the diabetes is just parts, the thinking is different...

Re the ER, I've never gotten there and not had them figure out what the problem was well before I arrived!

Hi Doris, may I say "Me too". Not expecting a cure for diabetes any time soon, but I keep looking for better ways to deal with it. At least here on TuD we get some good conversations going!

There u go Trudy kinda like my thinking there.

Ms Doris, I like your straight shootin' darlin.. You are to the point and it is what many of us NEED.

God Bless you, girlie

Thank U Brunetta! May God bless u too!

I sort of agree. I like to say that I have a chronic condition but that doesn't mean that I'm sick.

type 1 is not just a chronic condition, type 1 is a true, nasty chronic autoimmune disease, a vicious attack on our pancreas, the islet - beta cells and a number of other cells too, leaving us unable to produce a number of hormones, if we didn't have a pump or injected insulin, we'd all be dead..that's serious, real life and it is what it is. just because we have the tools (although never 100% accurate) to manage this, does not lessen the fact that again, without insulin, we'd all be dead..doesn't get more serious then that. if we mess up, we could's very serious.

i'm both a diabetic and have diabetes, don't care what someone calls it. i don't want my chronic life threatening disease to ever be minimized, it effects my life everyday, 24 hours a day, it just well as every person who loves me. has nothing to do with feeling sorry for me or anyone else. empathy, yeah..of course, i have empathy for anyone who has to struggle with an ongoing chronic disease. the reality is this disease is killing us everyday, it just is..diabetes, especially type 1, is a beast!

true true!

I'm another fan of yours, Doris! I love your comments and positive attitude. You make me smile. :)

Thank you smileandnod.................... I got to where I don't comment as much as I used to b/c it seems to get some ppl upset when I do

Ha! Love your analogy "stoned on insulin". I've often referred to it as "a visit to queer street". Smiles

Well, Doris, that's really odd -- anyone getting upset over your comments. I made a comment yesterday on a post, then deleted it when I realized I'd just repeated what a couple of others had already said. In other words, it would be really dull and uninformative if we all said exactly the same things or just gave "safe" opinions. Keep commenting!

U know most of the time I just let it roll off my back but yesterday I sooooo hurt and not agreeing with something I said just wasn't good for them LOL! OMG at the ones I've deleated b/c I quite frankly was too stratigh with them LOL! I've cussed my computer a few times too! My hubby thought I was talking to him he would say "What" I told him to "SHUT UP U don't want to hear this" LOL!

I'm so sorry someone hurt you yesterday. Shame on them. Be careful what you say to your computer when your husband is nearby!

LOL! Thanks Trudy!! LOL!