No Delivery alarm and BG 186, moderate ketones

I have been in very good control for quite a while and things have been going along great. This morning at work all of a sudden my CGMS warned me that my BG was high and sure enough-186! I checked my site (sure T, 2 days old) and it looks great. Checked for air in the tubing and there is insulin flowing so reconnected and proceded to administer 3.0 units correction bolus but got a NO DELIVERY alarm after 2.2 units. Called the help line and they wanted me to remove the site and do 5.0 unit fixed prime and there was no insulin and another NO DELIVERY alarm! Has anyone else had problems with the sure T or any other infusion set becomming obstructed? I want to know why this occured. Did the Novolog insulin crystalize in the tubing? or what?

Hey Donna,

If I get a No Delivery alarm, I unplug the tubing from the infusion site and do a test bolus of like 2 or 3 units to see if any insulin is coming out. If it is, I know the problem is in the infusion site, which i change. If I don’t, I prime the pump until insulin does come out…

If the pump still gives a No Delivery and no insulin is coming out of the tubing, change the tubing :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,


Thank you. When I changed from the quick set to the Sure-T, no one told me that it should be changed more frequently than the canula type infusion sets. And I do tend to go quite a bit longer than I am supposed to. I appreciate the info.