No delivery alarms

I am new to pumping (a week and a half). I have had 3 No Delivery alarms in this amount of time. The help from Metronics was great but any advice from those in the trenches would be appreciated.

What infusion set are you using? If you're using a quickset, PLEASE look at the plastic cannula part that goes into your body. If you have them bent (they should come out perfectly straight no curve or bend) then that's why. If you get a no delivery, make sure you change EVERYTHING out (reservoir, insulin, and infusion set) because any of it can be the problem if it's not a bent cannula. The quickset and Mio infusion sets are VERY prone to this and if you have problems consider the Sure T (steel needle infusion set) and Silhouette infusion set (angled plastic, less likely to bend or kink on insertion). Call Medtronic's support line, they'll overnight you samples and ask for those. Also, if you do notice the bent cannula, ask for a canister and do NOT throw away any infusion sets with bent cannulas, save them, and send them off to medtronic. Always do this, do not let it slide. If it's not the cannula being bent, still get a canister and save ALL parts the reservoirs, infusion sets with tubing , EVERY SINGLE PART into the canister. The one I got was huge so I think you could fit a few full infusion sets in there I'm just saying.

I constantly had these problems on the short time I used the pump and I hated it because of this issue. I've sent them a complaint letter with the ones I sent back in a canister.

Every time I have gotten a no delivery alarm, it has been the way I attached the tubing to the insulin cartridge. Now I seat the attached on the reservoir and turn it to click. If I am filling the tubing and get that alarm, I reseat the tubing on the cartridge and it works.

I did have a bout with a bent cannula in by body this week. I was have unexplainable high BGs, corrections were not working, etc. When I changed the set, the removed cannula was shaped like a J. Once I inserted a new set, all the problems went away. I never got a failed delivery alarm.