No delivery alarm

First let me say that I have only been pumping for a week. I had a moment of weakness and went for a late night snack which I bolused for. I got a no delivery alarm. When I checked the bolus history it says that a delivery was made. I was able to clear the alarm and things seem normal now but I don't understand what happened. Did it actually make the delivery and throw an alarm for some odd reason.This thing would not show a bolus if the delivery was not made would it? My pump say that I have insulin on board in the amount I bolused for. I'm using a Medtronic 723.


Hey Gary, the cannula may be either bent or resting against muscle if you are using quicksets. I had that problem when I first started pumping too. You won't get a no delivery for your basals that infuses such a tiny amount it will not trigger the alarm, but boy it sure will when you go to bolus. In MY experiences I never did receive the insulin I bolused for, but I would proceed with caution regarding injecting or infusing more. My bet a bent cannula. I insert manually with my quicksets, and pinch up the skin and don't release the skin until after I remove the needle. I'd advise to change out your infusion sets. I have the Medtronic 523.

Just edited to add, my boluses would usually konck out about mid-way so it would show what supposedly infused prior to the no delivery.

Thanks Christy. The history says it delivered what I bolused. I'm going to keep an eye on bg and let it ride for a while. If any more alarms or runaway bg I will replace the set.

Anything is possible, anytime you question delivery you should call Tech support. I had one of the first 723's and it would log a bolus 3 times if it was after 2 pm. Medtronic denied that this was happening even though it clearly showed 3 in the data file. They basically said, believe us not your lying eyes...;-) They had people from there engineering department call me and sent me letters saying they could not find anything wrong with the pump but it did it everyday after 2 pm. The pump was about two weeks old when I noted that my TDD was off buy a massive "fatal" amount....yes they replaced the pump and I suspect they destroyed the evidence, but I have a copy's of the data files and the letters.