I just bolused for my lunch and recieved a NO DELIVERY alarm. I’m not sure if I recieved any insulin or none at all. Should I bolus again to cover my lunch and maybe risk a low later? OR, just monitor and test often the next few minutes? I changed out my set and I had a kicked canula.

Use “ESCAPE” and then scroll to see what time and how much your last bolus was. That’ll tell you if you did receive any of the bolus and how much you received; then you can simply bolus the remainder that you should have received.


I agree with Ruth. In my experience though, if you get a no delivery alarm during a bolus, you probably got little to no insulin.

So, when I get a NO DELIVERY alarm, the bolus “count down” stops, too? I thought it continued to count down even without insulin being delivered?

No, Sportser…if you get the no delivery alarm, the bolus is interrupted and it does not continue to count down. And Brett…I’ve had the same experience…I’ve usually only got a few tenths of a unit before the alarm sounded.


i usually on my MM 522 get .8 units before it stops…

This will probably vary on a case-by-case basis, but whenever I get a no delivery I automatically check my infusion site to see if there is insulin at the connector (between the hole at the end of the first tube and the site that is fixed to the body-- I’m not sure of the proper terminology for this area).

Usually, for me a no delivery is 99% of the time a bad infusion site- most of my no delivery errors occur right after I change my infusion set, and often the canula will be crooked.

You are safest just changing your infusion site as you did, but if you notice no insulin loitering around the connector, then you should bolus again (as the countdown DOES stop after a no delivery)- if the alarm doesn’t sound and your sugar levels don’t skyrocket you should be good to go, and the error was a false alarm.

Hope this helps!

Thanks to all of you for the help!